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Thread: Thanks to James @ Jager Sporting Arms

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    Thanks to James @ Jager Sporting Arms

    I just wanted to say a public thank you to James Clark at Jager Sporting Arms for the screw-cutting work he did on my new rifle yesterday. I remain grateful that James was willing to give up the best part of a Saturday to help me get my new rifle ready for use on Monday - thanks to his efforts, I'll be hunting Muntjac (or possibly something bigger - we'll see) with it in the moderated state I hoped for.

    The job was never likely to be an easy one - James told me that Heym barrels are notoriously hard and this particular rifle was never going to be straightforward - thin barrel walls made it less easy to form a thread than might have been the case on another rifle, and the quality of the metal turned out to be somewhat difficult to work with. No matter - James got to work and although the hours ticked by, he didn't cut corners and the result is an excellent bit of screw cutting, onto which one of his in-house moderators fits beautifully. He is, in his own words, a bit of a perfectionist, which suits this happy customer just fine!

    All of that was achieved in the space of a few hours at very reasonable cost and with interesting conversation and helpful advice thrown in. If you're in East Anglia and need some work done, I'll strongly recommend James as a smith who gets the work done and who won't mess you around, whether it takes twenty minutes or five hours. Thanks to his generosity, I have now completed a rifle set up fit for any deer in the UK and with which I'm very happy. Fingers crossed for tomorrow's hunt!
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