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Thread: Mouldy fallow carcass :(

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    Mouldy fallow carcass :(

    Shot a fallow just less than 2 weeks ago. Hung overnight at about 10
    degrees and then chiller turned down to about 4 degrees and hung since. Been away for a couple of days and just gone to skin and cut and it's covered in mould. Chiller is a commercial fridge with fan.

    Any thought? Simply too moist in there??
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    Sounds like your seals have had it... I'd check them first
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    plus one feller do a smoke test see if any points other than fan outlets leak

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    Sounds like your seals have had it... I'd check them first

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    Newish chiller - less than a year old Stupid question - how do I do smoke test? Just put something smouldering in there and leave the fan running a bit? Don't have any smoke bombs or owt

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    smoke pellets from a plumbers merchants make sure the chillers empty first

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    So how long was it hung for in total please ?

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    13 days in total. Wondering whether I put it in there too warm to start with and too much moisture. It prob only had about 4hrs to cool before it went in at 10 degrees overnight then turned down to about 4ish...

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    I would have mould on any carcase I left in my chiller for that long too and it's working fine no leaks .i leave mine 7 days max .so just get them processed a bit quicker chap .
    kind regards

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    Cheers Norma, Bloody work trip came out of nowhere an scuppered plans to process last week :-( Regularly hung stuff that long in a big commercial walk in chiller, but I guess a lot less air moving in a small one... First time I've left one anywhere near this long in my chiller - lesson learnt!

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    hope this helps you can buy smoke tabs for gas testing in tablet form just put them in a tin and light them try diy store or .

    you need to find a leak so fan off i would say even tape it over

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