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    Hi folks,we are going on a family holiday to Kenya over the festive season, im looking for any advice on the choice of camera that would be suitable to take on safari, would need to be pretty foolproof and possibly battery operated as charging may not be possible......



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    I'm going to be the only one to say this, but have you thought of going 35mm and an old Nikon body like an FM2? Toughest camera ever made and very good optics.

    Entirely mechanical (apart from light meter - two button cells that last years). Mine have survived submersion in rivers, desert conditions in Australia and being dropped from waste height. I even fell on one, I suffered the only damage. My uncle even ran over his in a land rover and it was fine.

    But this does mean going annalogue - a lot more work, but potentially superior results (in B&W)... There's a can of worms anyway!

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    blimey didnt think anybody else uses film apart from me thats two votes, far superior to digital . it just depends on how confident you are at getting the shots you want at least a digi you can keep filling up cards but any modern camera should last a while with a set of batterys.

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    I have been a few times and used a camera with slide film and moved onto digital. Probably the most important thing to remember if you are using an slr is to take a polarising filter due to the brightness. Buy a universal adapter for your charger if using digital as most lodges have power. Don't forget the spare battery and memory cards. A tip if you are using a compact is to put your sun glasses in front of the lens.
    A good excuse to use your new purchase is to take the family to the zoo.
    Also be ready for anything.

    You will enjoy the experience, I know I cannot wait for my next trip whenever that will be.
    ATB Paul

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    Thanks folks,was thinking digital, what sort of zoom mag should i be looking at????


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    Canon oes1000d is a nice lightweight dslr. It is which best buy. My daughter has one. Much lighter than the 450d which is also a great camers. You can get a battery pack that takes two rechargables or it has a tray that fits in to take standard aaa batteries if you are stuck. Lenses. a can of worms. Depends on your budget. a 70-300 would suit most applications. If you go up to the posh jobs you are talking about 1000 or over but you can get a decent lens for about 200 that would suit pretty much any requirement. Unless you are lookinf for a pro type output. The Cannon rebel is the american version of our 450d and is available on ebay from dealers. I bought a second hand 400d the predecesor for 180 and find it magic after my point and shoot fugi finepix.

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    Quick note poloroid lenses are available for buttons on ebay. But they come from hongkong so order as soon as you know the lens size. Mine took 4 days to arrive. A lens from England took a week Jim

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    As above, a long zoom is a must. The Nikon SLRs are great and so are the Canons.

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    Nell, what sort of budget are you allowing for a camera? That will be the single most important factor in choosing one.

    If you have a large budget the SLR's with big lenses as suggested above will give you outstanding results, but I'd like to suggest a buget option:

    Fuji s8000.

    This is an 8mp digital camera, with an 18x optical zoom, and you can buy it new for about 130
    Spend the money saved on several high capacity memory cards, and a battery charger.... that's one of the other great things, it runs on four AA batteries...

    I have one and love it, I bought two packs of rechargable AA's and a charger, if I was to use them up and not manage to get them charged, I can go to the nearest shop and buy duracell... AA batteries are available worldwide!

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    Thanks again folks, Roz, i was thinking 150-250 for the right one...


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