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Thread: Red Deer Antlers

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    Red Deer Antlers

    Hi folks,
    My wife has informed me that she heavily hinted some time ago that she was looking for a pair of antlers to make some candle holder thingy like one she saw on a home makeover tv programme.
    Seems I watched it also and agreed it was nice! Anyway, can anyone fix me up. I am happy to pay the going rate and cover any postage costs etc.
    Please pm if you can help.

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    What shape and size of antler are you looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reddeerstalker View Post
    What shape and size of antler are you looking for.
    Thanks for getting back to me. I think we (she) is flexible on the size and shape. Ideally they would be roughly symmetrical and fit on a wooden mantelpiece which is 10" wide and about 5ft long. Its to make some sort of candle holder if that helps.

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