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Thread: applying for an fac in Avon and Somerset

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    applying for an fac in Avon and Somerset


    I am considering applying for an Fac and I live in Somerset. Do I need to be aware of any peculiarities that A&S apply? I have read various threads that say I need a DSC1 before they grant, is there anything else I need to be aware of.

    Grateful for any advice people can give.


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    I think it may depend on the calibre applied for.
    When I originally applied for .22 rimfire I had no problems other than a long wait, but when I wanted to get a .243 they insisted on DSC 1. Some say they have no right to impose this restriction, but I'm not a crusader and took the easy option.
    They are OK to deal with though.
    ​Hope this helps.


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    Thanks Richard that confirms one bit of what I have read. Is there anything else I need to know?


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    Ask them what their policy is for the calibres you want.
    This BASC page has lots of advice.
    Certificate forms and fees | BASC

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    Hi Jack

    Thanks for the link, I had already been through most of it already but the link is useful. Your point about contacting them is good advice, once I have sorted out the calibre I will do just that and see what they say.



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    I think most of this advice applies everywhere and not just A&S but anyway...

    Take your time getting the paperwork right, choose reliable referees etc. A lot of delays are down to missing or incorrect forms and information.

    Put some time into selecting which firearms you are applying for and your 'good reason' for each of them. If target shooting then you will most likely have to show club membership. If vermin/fox/deer control then you will be asked to provide permission/booked stalks. A&S have their own form for this which isn't mandatory but if you get landowners/club secretary to fill them in from the outset you can then be sure you have provided all the information that will be asked for and avoid potential delay.

    Be prepared to show knowledge about the firearms/cartridges (calibres) you are applying for and why they are appropriate. Note that A&S will not allow rimfire for fox. Think about your ammunition allowances and how they relate to your good reason. (E.g. Reloading, target disciplines etc)

    Be prepared to show experience of the ground, safe backstops, footpaths etc

    They will ask your experience/safety/competence. This is the DSC/mentor/any other relevant qualification part which ultimately is down to negotiation between you, your FEO and the licensing manager. As you know, the law states no fixed requirement, however the Chief Constable can apply conditions.

    If you do your homework, provide all the information required and don't take the mick then there should be no reason why it won't go smoothly.


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    Many thanks really useful advice.



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    My son has just got his coterminous SGC and FAC. .22lr was no problem with the correct permissions and alike.

    A@S would not allow him to put .223 C/F on it and would not let him have a mentor.

    If you want a non deer calbre C/F then they would require you to attend a certificated course.

    If you want to get a deer legal C/F then they are insisting on a DSC L1.

    I have both and open cert but they wont let my son have my .223 and .243 on his certificate.

    Its very annoying.

    Also seems that they also would disregard any form of military fire arms training.

    Best course of action is either dicsuss with your sporting association and/or do a DSC L1.


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    Many thanks for your reply this gives me a flavour of what to expect, but as I was advised earlier I will decide on what I need and then contact the FLO to see what they would like from me and take it from there.


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    I had to do a dsc1 for a center fire but they've been great since then

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