A few years ago I was lucky enough to be invited to Germany wild boar and deer hunting (Driven and high seat). It didnít take long before I was hooked! I have had DSC1 for a few years and am one stalk off a DSC2.

I own a Tika T3 in 0.308 with T8 moderator and Doctor optics, heavy - but I would not swap it for anything. I am trying to buy a K98 sniper variant for investment and fun shooting on the range, the variation is already on my FAC. I also have a couple of 22RFís and a collection of shotguns.

Iíve been on the BASC scheme on Arran a few of times but will give it a miss this year. Most of the stalking Iíve done has been local (Surrey / Hampshire) and exclusively Roe. I am more interested in Deer management and something for the freezer rather than trophies. My wife wonít let me put any up in the house anyway!

I would love to be in a position where if the weathers good and Iím in the mood I could pack my kit and set of hunting (maybe just a courtesy call to clear it with the landowner first) When you rely on Ďpay as you goí stalking this is just not possible, this means so many beautiful evenings are wasted watching rubbish on TV.