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Thread: Doomsday castle: watch and come to your own conclusions

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    Doomsday castle: watch and come to your own conclusions

    The girls look nice too...

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    Any chance you could tell us when the relevant bit is, as I don't have 44 minutes to watch the whole thing.

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    Speaks for its self,good reason for tighter firearms controls in the USA .been playing on black ops too much
    only when the last tree has been felled,the last fish caught and the last river poisoned will man realise he cant eat money

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    I think he's smoked most of the allotment... I got to 1:35 before realising that I had something/anything else to do
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    It took all of 2 minutes to realise what a load of paranoid, gung-ho idiots some people are!

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    I loved it when one says "this is a stealth mission" as he is crashing through the woods in the dark shouting, waving a flashlight about and wearing a white shirt. Nutters!

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    +1 nun_hunter.

    Oh, windows are too big, too many angles on the building leaving blind spots, trees are still too close to the building; the apparent size of the area is far too big for a single person to do any good stagging on - and that is just what I picked up in the first few minutes, until I stopped watching and took the dog for a walk.

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    Single skin walls on that "castle" with great gaping windows. They did better 1500 years ago. Dad goes out hunting with a rifle and so they put up all the perimeter defences... The postman is going to have fun, setting off alarms, setting off bangs and then being impaled on a log bristling with spikes. He doesn't get paid enough. They put on the telly they are making moonshine (D'oh!), The trees are indeed too close. Whatever you do, don't stop there in your car and go into the woods for a leak or you'll have your head exploded like a melon with a .308 round. If the "end of days" does come though, possibly a good spot to call in for a black bear sandwich if you dodge the makeshift defences.

    On the plus side, them wimmin have good legs. But that doesn't fill three quarters of an hour.

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