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    Looking for suggestions on what size scope to buy to go on a .243 for deer and fox.

    30mm tube or 1" ?

    Option 1
    Money no problem (what is the best)

    Option 2
    Money a bit tght looking for second hand max 600

    If any of you guys can give me your thoughts on this matter it would be appreciated.

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    Personal opinion:

    Option 1: Swarovski Z6i in what ever configuration you prefer/fits your stalking arena Hill, uplands, woodland etc

    Option 2: The best deal you can get on any of the fixed magnification scopes from the big three - Swarovski, Schmidt & Bender, Zeiss.

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    Schmidt & bender german or hungarian 6x42 brilliant!!!!!can not see any benifit with the 30mm tube over the 1"

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    As said, largely down to what you're going to use it for!

    If you're thinking of a second-hand scope, might be worth having a look at Macleod's web site - I got a good Swaro scope there at a good price (

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    Thanks Guys for your input.
    Please keep them coming any other readers.

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    check out swillington shooting supplies, they have some swarovski,s in brand new but with slight marks (cant find the mark on mine) still have full waranty , and they are at the right money

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    You need to go for one of the better makers like Schmidt & Bender, Zeiss, Swarovski, Leupold, Kahles. If you want it for deer and fox you should be looking at a fine reticle for the long range charlies. Because you will be shooting them at night/last light you will need illumination on a fine reticle to be able to see it clearly. You might not need so much mag though for close targets or deer in the woods! I would therefore recomend a variable mag scope such as 3-12, and an objective of 50mm minimum. I have tried numerous scopes but currently use a Swarovski 3-12 x 50 with an illuminated 4N reticle. I've had much more mag and bigger objective before but with no greater advantage. It's a relatively small scope, but does everything I could ask for. That'll do for me!

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    Any scope that allows you to shoot confidently off hand. If the magnification is too great you over correct and limit the field of view. If you can't shoot off-hand you're crippled far beyond the impediment of sub-standard glass. JMYO (Just my Yankee Opinion) of course.~Muir

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    Take a look at the docter scopes for your lower budget..

    There are some good deals on at the moment with old stock as the newer models fill the shelves..

    Great scope for the money


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    Option 1.
    Schmidt & Bender zenith 3-12x50 Flashdot 7 with bdc turret fitted (special order) Great for off hand shorting in thick cover with the red dot at 3 mag and also very good for a 400yd fox or 300yd head shot.
    This scope covers both areas very well. Simple Bullet drop compensator turret that only turns one revolution that you never get lost.

    Option 2.
    second hand 3-12x50 schmidt classic with No 7, 8 or 9 reticule.
    Good enough for a longer range fox and perfect for deer. Reticules are a bit fat for target shooting.


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