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    Athina Sporting

    Having used our own SD accounts for both business and pleasure (plus the odd bun fight) over the last couple of years, we thought it was time Athina Sporting had its own presence on The Stalking Directory. So this is just a short hello (again!) and a brief description of what we do.

    Started as a hobby business to find driven bird shooting opportunities for friends and colleagues off the back of our own stalking and shooting, Athina has grown to offer great hunting across three continents. From our roots as providers of English game shooting, we have developed to provide hunting from Scottish and English deer stalking to African plains game and bird shooting to European big game / driven boar and South American wing shooting.

    We aim to offer hunting of the kind we both enjoy and of a quality and standard that we expect. We might not always be the cheapest outfitter but we put huge amounts of work into making sure you get the hunt you want and we are always on hand to solve problems and make things as hassle free as possible. I know that it adds to the cost, but as recent threads have shown, there are also advantages to having a proper contract in place and realistic expectations of what the trip will provide when hunting overseas...

    Give that we gain a lot from membership of The Stalking Directory, I hope that Athina Sporting can also put something back into this community over time, through things like the sponsorship programme; offering stalking opportunities for deserving causes or by putting up the odd interesting competition prize or two.


    P.S: Before anyone jumps on me, I have already asked Alex to move the trade membership from my personal SD account to the Athina Sporting account, so the magic widget is bound to appear shortly!

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    Welcome to the site, again

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Is there a URL to look out?

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    You can look at most of our offerings at

    You can also PM me or adam here.

    Best regards,

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