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Thread: advice on section 1 shotgun

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    advice on section 1 shotgun

    I know this has probably been asked a fair few times so I apologise. I finally have enough money saved up to get a section 1 shotgun, but I cant decide whether I want it to be a semi or a pump. ive had multiples of both before and have many held onto the pumps. my question is id there any advantage having a semi auto when you have a higher round count in the tube or is it just the same as if its only a 3 shot?

    thanks in advance

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    I had a three shot and now have an 8 shot
    I dont shoot anymore with the 8 shot, if you miss with the first 3 you wont get it with the forth


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    Just go for the make and model you like best. What do you get out of your cabinet most?

    Go with that.



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    mostly a Mossberg 500, thanks for the help

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    Quote Originally Posted by pbear94 View Post
    mostly a Mossberg 500, thanks for the help
    Could do a lot worse. No problems with low brass, lots of accessories...

    Go have fun!

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    the only problem I have with mine is I hate that clect choke, but apart from that I will thanks

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    I got my Clect taken off my 500 and its now true cylinder and a short 24.5 inch barrel that comes up a dream and is very light. I never worry about choke and the sight picture is clean without the Ragmans trumpet to spoil the view.

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    can I have the barrel shorter with it being a fac shotgun?

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    I like the pump action but the action of 'pumping it' is tha you loose your target acquisition so I think it negates the need for all those rounds anyway! Much rather stick to a semi auto and if you miss you can just keep pulling the trigger! As for all the people who say three is enough, maybe they just couldn't be bothered to apply for an FAC one! I love my benelli that has the option of 6 or add a tube in a few seconds to make it many more. When I go pigeon shooting the advantage of a semi auto is that you wat for more and more to land before you get up and start shooting and then don't stop till the magazine is empty! 3 shots is not really much more of an advantage than a double barrel and a couple of handy cartridges.......

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    are there any decent cheap semis out there? id love a benelli m2 but haven't got anywhere near enough cash for that

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