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    Labrador dog or Bitch, between 2-5years old, predominantly as a family pet, so housetrained would be preferred, we also have a cat. My last Lab passed away as a result of old age some time ago, and the family would love another one to spend time with and have fun. I am a shooting person, so if the dog came along with me on my outings, this would be a bonus!. Guaranteed a good home and lots ofcare and attention. Perhaps you may know of someone who is no longer able to care or provide for a dog due to personal circumstances?. Please PM me if you can help.

    Many Thanks

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    Contact, ok it is seven but excellent house dog and trained gundog. Jim

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    Hi Jim,
    Went on to the website, had a look at the dog!!, so have registered and made the call, waiting on some feedback. will keep you updated.

    Many Thanks
    John F

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    Visit the Dogstrust kennels. My mate got the most beautiful GSP bitch from them only for a donation. They dont advertise the dogs online as it attracts profit hunters.

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