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Thread: Which mounts ?

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    Which mounts ?

    My mates looking to mount a Nikon Prostaff 4x32 on his new Anschutz 22LR rifle.

    this is the scope

    Nikon Pro Staff 4x32 Rifle Scope |

    Anyone know which mounts would be best please ? cheers

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    One option would be SportsMatch mounts - if you email them the details of the rifle and scope they always reply promptly advising which (SportsMatch!) mounts they recommend.
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    I have an as new set of Talley low mounts (still in box with torx key), were holding the 2-7x32 version of the ProStaff on my Annie till I sold it.
    Rings cost me a small fortune, look great and worked just as well.
    PM if interested.


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