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Thread: Fixed Meopta scope

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    Fixed Meopta scope

    Anyone use fixed Meopta? I see they make some different ones.

    Artemis 6x42 and 7x50
    Meostar 7x56
    Meopro 6x42

    So if you got one please tell me how you like it. Im thinking of getting one from the Artemis series for my 243w because in that serie they make a 7x50 illuminated.

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    I've got the Artemi. 2100 7x50 illuminated ret. Very pleasEd with it. Good clear glass and a nice dot. It replaced a 2000 7x50 which I had before


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    Seriously contemplated a s&B 8x56 in a german reticule no 1 a few months back.
    Then a meopta 7x50 artemis in german no1 post came up on here for 150, well what a bargain,coudn't be happier.
    A good friend has one,and happy as well.Great value IMO.
    I herd someone say they sent their broken scope for repair,with a note saying how happy they were,how much they'd used etc etc,then they were given a new questions.
    Can't remeber who or where I got told,could even be on here.

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    The 6x42 Meopta was one of my very first Stalking Scopes. I think they are truly excellent and very good value for money.


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    I have an Artemis 7x50 non illuminated which I have owned for about 15 years. It is my favourite scope. No fuss, simple, clear, it just works.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hi Gelert.
    It may have been me. My Meopta developed a Bluish 'bloom' on the inside of the objective lense so i returned it to Meopta importer who sent me a brand new one by return post. It was a good few years old too.


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    Thanks for the replies, I always thought Meopta customer service is second to none. Always answearing emails fast and gives great info. If their fixed scopes is good too then it couldn't get any better

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    i have a 6x42 and a 7x50
    very clear
    6x has NATO style range finding reticule... but its on my .270 so that isn't needed..

    100-175 for a 2nd hand Meopta 6x vs 200-300 for a 6x42 S&B?

    I know where my money would go

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    i've used 7x50 meopta artemis for a number of years now
    on one of my rifles.
    crystal clear ,great build quality and in my opinion good value for money.

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    Yep, I have 7x50 fixed on my .243 and .308 and can also vouch for the customer service. I contacted them about replacement eyepiece rubbers and they sent them out foc even though I told them the scope was 2nd hand and out of warranty.

    Great scopes for the money mate
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