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    Is anybody using them? if so which ones
    Espesially interested in 243, 270 or 308
    I have the 270 n my ticket but yet to purchase. However I have been advised to switch it for a 308 subject to variation;
    Peter Lawless advertises patizan softnose at 37 per 100 in 308 and the whle range is under 5o per 100
    Cheers, Jim

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    Tried some through my varmint in .243 T3. they sub 1" at 100m.
    So I think that is accurate enough to drop a deer.


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    .222 50gn, .243 100gn, .308 150gn and 180gn and 30-06 180gn all good enough for anything except Target shooting.
    I have yet to try, but have heard, from people I have no reason to disbelieve, that .308 168 Match Hpt Bt is the dogs danglies.
    At the prices all PPU can be got for at the moment I'd suggest you get it while you can as prices and shortages are bound to come in soon as it becomes more popular.
    I have heard of two people using it and they have found it to be 'crap' in their words, but have no idea what rifles or calibres they were using.

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    My T3 Tactical likes the round 20" Barrel in .308 throwing out 150gr.

    Was grouping the same as my homeloads!!! I can't reload for that cheap.

    Knowone up stocks it though......


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    Valley arms in Ruthin, North Wales stock them if anyone is up here.

    49 / 100 in .243 and .22-250 soft point so a bit more than was quoted elsewhere but work out at 10 ish for 20

    Think il get some and give them a go even if only as a practice round and then i use the cases for reloads! 50p a pop isnt half bad!


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    I have tried them in my .270 Parker Hale. They were not good for me, all over the place. However I pulled them and replaced powder with 4895 + Siera Game King 130s. They now shoot 1/2 in x 100 yrds.

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    They shoot 1/2" in my .223 but my 7mm is 4". I've got about 15 left and when my bullet puller comes through the post I'm going to re-seat the bullets longer and see what happens! I find factory stuff is quite short in length and that could be the problem.

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    They were bleeding awful in my Parker Hale .270 - the 130gn were bad (so I gave them to VizlaMad ) and the 150gn were worse - in fact I still have 100 x 150gn rounds sitting here if anyone wants them for nothing? I have found PPU ammo to be massively variable in bullet weight, powder charge and case weight, despite being from the same batch of .270 rounds...and the brass has hard necks so it's not even that good for reloading.

    Mind you, it has recently occurred to me to reset the heads to something near my homeloads, which might improve their accuracy a bit. I'm not holding my breath though


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    Tried them in a t3 .25-06 and plesantly surprised at 3/4" @100m in awful conditions . not tried them on deer yet but they seem quite mild recoiling compared to other manufactures ,would be interested in chronoing them,they were bought as a cheap supply of brass to reload but at that accuracy if they perform OK on beasts its hardly worth while reloading! would be interested in other reports from a 25-06 with them used on live !


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    Not partizan I know but try some Magtech. Same sort of price and clover leaf patterns through my .308 Sauer, better than homeloads. Embarrassed.....

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