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Thread: Not stalking related. The '87 Gale.

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    Remember it well
    i was cycling home from college on that fatal Friday afternoon
    ​i say cycling.... Infact I was faster pushing my bike than trying to pedal....

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    Sounds like Re'M'ington moonlighting to me
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    Remember the 'great storm' well. It was the night before my grandmothers funeral. My mum said it was the way she wanted to be remebered she was strong in life (born in egypt, grew up in India, helped repair the lost then recovered colours after Isandwalah, her uncle commanded the camp that got wiped out, Intelligence in WWII) and difficult in death what a grandmother, my heroine.



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    TMany of us should be thankful for this storm as it was responsible for freeing wild boar in many areas providing us with the port we enjoy today!

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    We lost the roof of a brand new stable block that night, we evacuated all the horses into a paddock dodging slates flying off the barn roof.

    Scary stuff
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    my girlfriend and myself flew out to Jersey on the Saturday. It was a bit of a bumpy ride, the trouble with that was she had never flown before

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    Sounds like Re'M'ington moonlighting to me
    Oi this accent's Suffolk not Somerset!

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    I remember it but i think Devon was hit hard in 1991, at the time i was working for BT as a faultsman/linesman, i got up in the morning and attended my first job given to me the night before, i remember climbing the pole and thinking this is a tad 'iffy' as i could barely hold on to the ladder before i got my safety belt on, i completed the job and rang into work where i was immediately told 'no overhead work to be carried out today!'
    The overtime came in handy though!

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    Just like Si, lost loose boxes, but horses already out.
    Was out topping up feeders around mid day, but came out of the woods pretty quickly. Driving home in my Volvo 740 on a southerly bit of exposed road, down to 15mph and the car was being lifted across the road by the wind. Not sure which was more scarry.

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