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Thread: Aus, NZ

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    Aus, NZ

    Having a three month trip to the antipodes in the new year.

    Hopefully catch up with a few old friends etc.

    Looking forward to hiking, fishing and maybe some shooting.

    Any must see/do huntin fishin hiking suggestions?

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    Must do pig hunting Kiwi style awesome

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    Get yourself down to Wanaka, NZ South Island.

    Fishing options on Lake Hawea, Lake Wanaka etc

    Hunting Options on local DOC land by Mount Burke or at Glen Dene Station

    Drive State Highway 6 from Wanaka to Haast, awesome road with some cracking scenery.

    Some website links to give you a glimse of paradise!




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    That Glendene site shows the typical monstrous and out of this world unnatural reds that these places breed...for huge money.

    ​There is free Tahr and Chamois hunting on the South Is,real hunting that is if thats what you want...take a camera you`ll be pist off if you dont.
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    Cheers for the advice guys.

    i'm not a trophy man, nor a rich man so won't be doing any red stalking. If the opportunity for a bit of goat control etc arrises then maybe...

    Fishing wise it all sounds very exciting


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    When in Auz if you can get yourself up the top end for some remote hunting, round Mt Borradale is stunning,across to manningride & gapuwiyak, fishing up there is excellent, as John says take a camera..or be gutted at missed opportunities.

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    The Glen Dene link was more meant to provide extra photos of the area.

    Get yourself a DOC permit and the land at Mount Burke(neighbouring property to Glen Dene) is worth a wander.

    Used to be worth a wander for chamois reds and pigs a plenty, be mentally prepared to walk and earn your animals though, stunning South Island public land at its best.



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    Plenty of free hunting on both islands of NZ. If you plan on hitting the North island, let me know and I will help if I can.

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    And the result was
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    A nice fat NZ free range red spiker - prime eating right there. Nice work, what part of the country did you shoot it in?

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