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Thread: Poi change with warm barrel?

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    Poi change with warm barrel?

    Having only ever fired a few shots in a session to check zero and actually shoot, I have not really worried about poi change due to a warm barrel.
    I had an extended zero session on Sunday, using the last of my factory ammo before I start reloading.
    I shot 25 rounds, stopping after 10 and 20 to replace the targets.
    The last 5 produced some odd results, not sure if it was because I was not seeing the target correctly due to heat haze or the hot barrel affecting poi.
    The first 2 shots were almost touching, centre of the bull. Then the last 3 seemed to get progressively lower and left.

    What do people find when their barrels warm up?

    I was shooting Howa 1500 243 with Sako 90gr soft point 100yds.


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    i have the same rifle .............but i only fire 3 maybe 4 rounds then i let it cool down. i maybe a bit over the top but thats what i do.

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    That's what I am thinking, obviously once the home loading starts I want to form a routine to give consistent results.
    ​I was probably just a bit over eager!

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    most of my shot groups are within a 10 mm circle.

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    It depends on the rifle. On most military rifles it won't change that much. If at all. Why? Because they were designed not to as rapid fire was taken as one role that they might have to be used for. So many sporting rifles built on military actions and with similar profile barrels also perform well under rapid fire. Think old Parker Hale rifles based on the Mauser 98 for example right up until the M81 Classic.

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    So if you're stalking deer you'll mostly be shooting to kill with a cold barrel. So you have to know about point of impact with a cold barrel.

    If you're going to shoot groups as part of load development you have to know at what point your groups start to open out because the barrel is warming up.

    Your rifle could perform differently to mine - poi may go up, across, open out.

    Unless you were indoors I wouldn't have thought that we were in heat haze territory but if you think it might be haze try reducing scope mag or laying a sheet of 4" wide folded paper along the barrel to divert the haze to the sides. If you think that the group opening out might have been down to you, rather than the rifle, you should repeat the test.

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    I would suggest investigating the bedding carefully. Yes the barrel is moving slightly but with correct bedding it should help eliminate the problem or at least reduce it.

    Less nice to think about is that it could be you. Perhaps you need to practice shooting more than two rounds at a time. It's amazing the amount who shoot and believe that they do not need to practice.

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    Thank you for your excellent advice as always.
    I definitely need more practice, and am not above looking at myself as the weak link.
    It was outside, but I was thinking of a trip to the tunnel at Carlton.

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    Your welcome. I have only heard good things about Carlton Moor Range and please let us know how you get on.
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    I presume you guys mean Mike Dickinsons range at Calton Moor, Derbyshire. Mike's a thoroughly decent bloke with a wealth of knowledge. ATB
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