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Thread: browning cynergy or fabarm axis in 12 or 20 bore for crimbo??

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    browning cynergy or fabarm axis in 12 or 20 bore for crimbo??

    Being a benelli man for most of my shooting days i've never really bothered with o/u's apart from a lanber many many moons ago?
    but have been getting a few offers lately to go on a few days out but my benelli isn't welcome! so i've looked around and the above two are the most eye catching does anybody know FIRST HAND what they are like and which would you recommend and in which calibre?

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    I had a Browning cynergy, it was good a modern twist on an o/u. I shot ok with it, really liked the low profile it's quite unlike any other o/u. I used to run that, a Semi Auto and a side by side. Decided I could only run one scatter gun so went for a nice Browning 525. I rate the cynergy though, go see if you can try one somewhere...

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    Of your two choices get the Browning in 20g with 28 or 30" barrels. Owned a Fabarm a few years ago and was underwhelmed by it after a while.

    The synergy is the only thing that would tempt me away from by beloved Beretta onyx - my mate has a Synergy game and I have borrowed it often to shoot skeet. Beautifully handling gun and always feels like a quality piece of engineering. Ummed and ahhhd several time about swapping to the Synergy but my beretta was the gun I got my left and right woodcock with so I'm afraid it has to be a keeper.

    Oh and 20g because ballistically speaking 1oz of lead from a 20g is exactly the same at 25 yards as it is from a 12g, in fact most 20g shells are harder hitting as they are faster. What you will appreciate being a rifle shooter is that 20g shotties are much easier to handle and more 'rifle like' than a 12g field artillery piece. ��

    just to throw a small spanner into your works, (especially if your shooting peers are going to be critical of 20g) is have a look at the beretta ultralight. That's what I had for years before I dropped to 20g, my best mate still has my old gun (bought it from me) and won't ever part with it!!!
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    cheers for the replies will have a look at the recommendations

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