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Thread: Christmas quiz

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    Christmas quiz

    This is the Stalking Directory Christmas quiz there will be 40 questions in 4 lots of ten

    How to enter
    • The questions will be posted 10 each week on the site for until the 16th of December 2009
    • Entry is via email only. send me your email address and I will send you a sheet via email for your answers that you can fill in and email back.
    • Only registered members can take part
    • There will be only two prizes Donated by Ash & Emma
    • In the event of a tie for first place two name will be from the hat thus there will be no second place awarded.
    • The prizes will be the choice of a deer carrier, clipper sheath, bullet box, standard sling bolt holster or certificate wallet.

    Section 1
    wild life and plants seen whilst out in the woods or on the hill

    1 What is this?

    2 what animal made this track?

    3 What particular fungus is this?

    4 What Bird is this?

    5 What Tree is this?

    6 What is the common name of this Beetle?

    7 What Bird is this?

    8 What is this?

    9 What tree is this leaf from?

    10 what is this?

    That’s the first ten
    Next ten will be posted on the 2nd December

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    Well done Ash..

    The first one has to be an image of festers brain..

    Though does look a little big


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    Thats obviously magnified Terry... there should be a penny next to it for scale!


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    Good man Ash, well done.

    I`ll have a go at this with thinkin cap on and cuppa in hand.


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    sorry have i made it to difficult for you 159 views and no takers asking to register for the quiz

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    Ash, email sent


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    email sent Ash


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    we have had 6 people register for the quiz so there is a 3 to 1 chance of a win lol

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    A big well done to Ash for putting this togethor.

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    pm sent. Thanks for setting this up, looks like bit of challenge and entertaining advent calender!

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