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Thread: Winchester Subsonics .22lr - Do you have an "Expanding" condition?

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    Winchester Subsonics .22lr - Do you have an "Expanding" condition?

    Looking to test out some subsonics on the range. Local RFD has Winchester Subs which are hollow point.

    Some questions then: Are these expanding/do I need an expanding condition? Do people on here have expanding conditions for .22lr?

    I've noticed some people on the web commenting that .22lr doesn't really expand, hollow point or not. Which is why I ask.

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    Yes they are expanding. Yes we do have an expanding condition on our FAC's to buy and use them for vermin.

    Your point about not expanding due to 22lr velocity etc. is not relevant. The law is concerned with the designers intention. I.e. if it was designed to expand but doesn't, it's still classed as expanding. Conversely the opposite is also true.

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    Ok, fair enough, will wait for a variation before going down that route then. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxster View Post
    Do people on here have expanding conditions for .22lr?

    Yep, I have that condition on mine, for vermin control, including foxes.

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    I think I might put in for a variation then as currently I'm target only so I don't yet know if my rifle will even cycle subsonics.

    Any tips on how to get a variation approved? I'm really after being able to accompany friends on shoots and when away for the weekend stalking , and also take my .22 for when the deer have all gone shy. I doubt I'll be able to put down any named land.

    A good example is when I was in Devon and I did some shooting tuition with the .308 but mainly also with the .22 for cost reasons. I wouldn't then have been able to shoot a rabbit, but could have shot a deer, which is a tad frustrating...

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    Toxster almost certainly you will have to able to name land over which you have permission to shoot in order to gain the variation you require for sporting use. You seem to be a relative newcomer to the sport so could I suggest that it may pay to have a better understanding of the legalities such as by reading the relavent sections of the guidance to police document.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Toxster and I share the same FEO, and I have my .22 primarily for target shooting, as he does, but at the time I asked for a condition to buy expanding ammunition, should the opportunity to shoot rabbits/vermin turn up, which they granted me, with the usual caveat of "on land on which I have permission to shoot). I suppose they probably take the sensible view that if they're happy to let me blast away with a 7-08, there's no reason to be difficult about the .22. I provided bookings, letters from people I'd stalked with and so on for the deer rifle, and details of my BSRC membership for the .22. As regards expanding ammunition for it though, I think that they assumed that all the rest demonstrated that I was serious about sporting shooting and that being city-based, all my shooting is going to be paid for or by invitation in a variety of places, which is what I told the FEO, and is in fact the case. No named land at all.

    Just be straight with them, I've found them to be very helpful if you don't mess around and try to game the system. I'm thinking of putting in a request for a variation to add a slot for 7x65R at some point as I've now had a few occasions when I've travelled to go shooting and where small game and deer were on the cards. For those occasions, I'd like to acquire a drilling at some point (plus they break down into a small case for travel), and as some of them will be in France with boar on the cards, I'd like to go for the slightly more powerful 7mm calibre. I know it's another 7mm slot, but for a clearly defined separate purpose. I suppose that's a product of my opportunistic and itinerant stalking setup! When it comes to it, I'll show them evidence that this situation is real, and be straightforward with them. Based on past experience, and the fact that I don't think they have any cause to doubt my sincerity, I'd hope that will work out fine.

    I'm in no hurry though. Anyway, good luck, and see you at The Roebuck!

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    That sounds like good advice, I'm in no rush, so will see what my local club suggests. The named land bit is never going to be possible - which means that like my deer permission it'll be paid/invited stalks.

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