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Thread: bits and bobs

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    bits and bobs

    looking for some reloading bits, always shared with my dad but trying to get my own stuff sorted now. new or used im not worried aslong in resonable condition. Not looking too buy the best of eveything because simply cant afford it.

    1. lee auto prime unit.
    2. Powder thrower
    3. scales
    4. trickler
    5. calipers

    so give me a shout if anyone has any spares lying around if you have upgraded or dont use anymore.

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    Always think before you pull that trigger.

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    Always think before you pull that trigger.

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    bits and bobs

    I have a powder measure and trickler to spare. Maybe an auto - prime as well if you're interested ?

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    i can do all these for you send us a pm if you require more help
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    I have a set of scales and lee press mounted priming tool going spare as well. If you re talking about the hand held priming tool, get the RCBS one. Costs a bit more if new, but having used both it doesn't do your thumbs in - the lever is too short on the Lee autoprime in my view. PM me if interested.

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    Hi Paul I have all you are looking for Lee auto primer , RCBS uniflow with stand , RCBS 5-0-5 and 10-0-10 scales ,RCBS powder trickler , elctr calipers , for sale if you need any thing else I may be able to help. Regards Dave.

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