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Thread: Illuminated Mil Dot scope for a .22lr

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    Illuminated Mil Dot scope for a .22lr

    Well No 1 son hopes to pick up his new L/H .22 lr Annie this weekend and thoughts are turning to a replacement scope. Now I have a 3x10x56mm hako with illum mil dot and guess what son wants similar. Well as I purchased the last ex demo one 10 years ago and as yet have never seen another he is not having mine.

    He is a lefty so front P/A would be better than side although that is getting fussy.

    I had a look at the latest Deben catalogue and they seem to do a suitable scope.

    Anybody with experience of these?

    Also any other suggestions, has to be mil dot and illuminated. Budget is 300 max. S/H considered.



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    Ive got a Hawke eclipse on my rimmy, illuminated mil dot, 3-9x50 I think, with parallax adjustment, I would say that the illuminated element is my least favourite bit on the scope, it is only really suitable on its lowest two settings otherwise it blinds you and makes it impossible to see anything down the scope at all! Other than that its a good little scope for not a lot of money and absolutely fine for a .22.
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