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Thread: Selling a house and gun cabinets

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    Selling a house and gun cabinets

    This may seem a stupid question and i never thought about it till very recently and never been involved in this sort off thing before.

    Thinking of selling my house but worried about folk coming round and nosing in cupboards as my cabinets are hidden in there. I think it would be very hard to properly hide them so people wouldn't notice them, infact would probaly just attract attention. Thought about putting locks on cupboard doors but would imagine folk would think i'm hiding something? (and not just gun cabinets)

    Also i take it it will be a big NO NO to give the estate agent a key to show folk round while i am at work (obviously guns and ammo would be locked up and any shotgun ammo hidden elsewhere) even if i have all cabinet keys on me so there is no chance off them gaining access to anything

    Cheers for any advice, and like i say probably a stupid question but just never had to do anything like this afore

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    Depends on the type of house and the way it's been marketed.
    Secure gun storage might be a selling point if it's a country house being viewed by country buyers.
    I know that when my parents sold their old place there was no secret made of "the gun room".

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    Unless you suspect your house is particulary attractive to local criminals I see no reason why you need to worry about it. So long as your keys for the cabinet are with you when others are in your house and not under your supervision then they don't have access to guns and no law broken. That is the whole point of a cabinet.

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    Just to make clear i will be taking cabinets with me when i move, it's just if i'm still living here and got it on the market.

    I wish i had a proper gun room VSS

    Cheers Woodmaster, that's good i'm a bit surprised thought it would have been a bigger issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by countrryboy View Post

    I wish i had a proper gun room VSS
    Ah, that was just the posh name we gave to the big walk-in cupboard where dad's gun cabinets were located.

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    Pretty sure it's not a problem. I'm sure other people are in your home without a FAC while your'e at work etc and you don't have to do anything different then?
    ​I wouldn't go broadcasting it but if they happen to notice them I'd not be too bothered.

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    Moved house this summer and didn't really worry too much about the gun cabinet being spotted by buyers. The cabinet was in a built in wardrobe In the old house and I guess viewers might have seen it but nothing was ever mentioned.

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    Just chuck a bed sheet over it
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    I sold my house 18 months ago and my agent regularly showed clients around in my absence. I had three cabinets in a cupboard and I never told the agent what they were. It was not their business to know, neither did I want to draw attention.
    People put houses on the market everyday with agent viewing that contain "SAFE'S" which includes gun cabinet safes.

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    I told my estate agent the room was haunted.

    Got 3 grand over the asking price from the veggie hippy psychic who bought it.

    You'd think, being psychic she'd have realised!
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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