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Thread: Swarovski 8x50 or 8x56 scope

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    Swarovski 8x50 or 8x56 scope

    Potentially in the market for one of the above if anyone has a spare used one in good nick?Please send me a pm if so.


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    Nice one just gone up on the Bay
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    there is a 7x50 illuminated zeiss for sale on here great scope

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    mike at calton moor had one in stock a few weeks back, mint condition, worth a phone call
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    I could be tempted to part with my swaro 8x56.
    older scope with some signs of wear to the tube but optically perfect.
    send me an email address if you would like pics and details.

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    Thanks for the replies folks - pm sent Edd

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    I have 2 x S&B 8 x 56 scopes for sale, one has number 7 reticule and the other number 8, both in good condition, I'll keep one but the choice is yours if you want one. Pm sent. both are 1 inch tubes, need a 30 mil tube scope if anyone can help.

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    Still looking
    Anyone got a tidy 8X50 (or 56) Swarovski that needs a home?

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    I've 2 zeiss 8x56s one illuminated and one normal I'm looking to upgrade at Mo if either are any good to you

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