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Thread: Jelen Deer Services

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    Jelen Deer Services

    I am looking to complete my DSC Level 2 with Jelen Deer Services.
    Has anybody on the site used them before and how did it go ?


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    Re: Jelen Deer Services

    Quote Originally Posted by smithp18
    I am looking to complete my DSC Level 2 with Jelen Deer Services.
    Has anybody on the site used them before and how did it go ?

    Don't be taken in by their advert.

    You might want to read this thread.

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    DaveG Hi,

    Please do not think this is a pop at you, but....

    Regards to the link you posted to the deertalking forum and Jelen sport. I followed that and many other threads posted by Mannlicher Stu and others on that site. He with others, appears to be very disgruntled by the DSC2 process, especially for access to FC land and their change in policy.

    People where warned of this change a long time ago, enough time to get themselves a level 2. I myself have managed to do it, although I do not have any access to FC land, or any other land for that matter. I do not and can not see the relevance of anyone posting Jelen sport site as what appears to be a bad example of gaining level 2 and bad publicity for them.

    May I add that until I read the thread on the other site I have no, or do not have any involvement with Jelen sport.


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    Am i missing something here I cant see any relevant Quote to Jelen deer services on that link
    I have delt with Jelen before, Not for stalking but for other reasons regarding deer & ive found them to be very Profesional & helpfull
    Unless you know any different & can post facts on there services or lack of them then may i suggest you dont knock them. Your comment or lack of it for that reason can miss lead others into being alarmed at something that is nothing by comments like "Dont be taken by there advert"

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    Sorry I might have posted the wrong link,try this one.

    Jelen I believe advertise that they guarantee to get you through your DCS2 for 300.

    Seeing as the DCS2 ticket is about the candidate demonstrating their knowledge and capabilities to a set and predetermined standard. To guarantee someone a pass for a given figure is leaving yourself open for ethics questioning.

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    Not sure which post we are supposed to be looking at.

    Maybe this is the advert that you are referring to:

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    Yes I believe that it is the one in question.

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    hi AndyL
    hope you had a good couple of days
    just been looking at that site but was not capable of getting it to post but glad you have
    yes it looks a little misleading as it garantees you 3 deer , so so achiveing level 2 , it might hav said something like 'we can guarantee you 3 deer as required for level 2 and help with the paper work to boot as so to say,but i would like to think that anyone going for there level 2, would know what the rules were before they undertake the task and interpret it as the deer that are required,
    not against jelen deer offering this cheap option as trying to get your deer for level 2 could cost a damn site more if you are not careful
    i am just glad that there are some stalkers/acrredited witness out there that are willing to help out for free

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    Bit odd having to bid for it on Ebay Never heard of the company Jelen before, but there are quite a few these days

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    hi sikamalc
    i would hazard a guess that this is just another advertisement gimmick but its amazing what you can buy on ebay but shall not go into that
    i wonder in time if they will hav do it as best offer looking at the other thread with all those's AW's offering such good deals yourself included

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