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Thread: Has anyone used Gun Auctions?

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    Has anyone used Gun Auctions?

    Just wondered I found this rifle and have room for it

    A .308 (WIN.) 'MANNLICHER-L' BOLT-MAGAZINE SPORTING RIFLE, serial no. 224485,
    23 1/2in. nitro twist barrel with ramp-mounted blade fore-sight, rear-sight of one standing leaf, fitted with a Schmidt & Bender 8x56 telescopic sight in quick detachable mounts, 14in. hogsback pistolgrip stock with raised cheekpiece, including 1/4in. recoil pad, gold-washed set trigger, woven leather sling.
    Estimate 600-800


    As you will note the scope new is in the price bracket of the package,

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    Not personally but I've conversed with someone else on this forum and he got a cracking deal from that auctioneers.

    I was recently told by my local gunsmith that firearms left with him for storage and not claimed and with owners he couldn't trace must be sold at aution to prevent any allegation that he fixed the price on a sale. So I'm sure there are bargains to be had.

    This one looks good as well:

    A .30-06 (SP'GF'LD) 'SAUER 80' BOLT-MAGAZINE SPORTING RIFLE, serial no. E16240,
    23 3/4in. blued nitro barrel with ramp-mounted blade fore-sight, rear-sight of one standing leaf, fitted with a Zeiss 'Diavari-Z' 2,5...10x52 telescopic sight in quick detachable mounts, bright receiver with stylised acanthus scroll engraving, the magazine floorplate and triggerguard engraved en-suite, 14 1/4in. pistolgrip stock including 1in. ventilated rubber recoil pad, with set trigger, leather sling.
    Estimate 600-800

    If it goes for that price someone will get a bargain

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    That looks a beauty..



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    And there's more;

    If you fancy something a little more ornate:

    20in. blued nitro barrel with ramp-mounted bead fore-sight, rear-sight of one standing and one folding leaf calibrated to 300 metres, fitted with a Hensoldt Wetzlar 'Diavari-D 1,5-6x telescopic sight in quick detachable mounts, bright receiver carved with oak-leaf and acorn motifs, the side-wall engraved 'STEYR - DAIMLER - PUCH A.G., STEYR', 13 3/4in. pistolgrip stock including buttplate, chequered and carved with oak-leaf and acorn motifs and the grip and fore-end, set triggers, sling swivels.
    Estimate 500-700

    And a real bargain (but no pic)

    A .243 (WIN.) 'SAUER 90' BOLT-MAGAZINE SPORTING RIFLE, serial no. K14047,
    60cm. blued nitro barrel, blued receiver fitted with a Schmidt & Bender 1 1/2-6x telescopic sight in Apel quick detachable mounts, 13 1/2in. figured pistolgrip stock including 3/4in. ventilated rubber recoil-pad, raised Monte Carlo cheek-piece, chequered grip and fore-end, gold-washed trigger, blued sling mounts, and brown leather Parsons sling.
    Estimate 400-600

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    Lovely rifles, wish I had a few quid spare that Fran didn't know about

    Which auctions are we talking about Holts?

    If so beware that there are quite heavy charges on hammer prices think it works out around 17.5% i.e 175 on every grand

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    I have bought at auction from Holts and must admit it was a very pleasant experience. If you ask for a condition report they will give you an accurate view on the lot - ie what they tell you will be correct. Holts owe their exostance to many wealthy collectors and dealers who go back time and again.

    But and it is a big but, when the hammer falls and it is your bid it is yours and there is no comeback - you buy it as is.


    1) You need to add c20% to the bid price to include the buyers premium, plus the VAT on that premium - check the exact amount that will be due on the lot as it does vary.

    2) Go to the viewing day and really have a good look at what you are intending to buy. If you are not confident in your own ability at assessing a firearm then take a friend who is.

    3) Factor in the cost of a service from your friendly gunsmith. But you may also need to do more work to get it shooting it accurately - if you had to factor in a rebarrel - would it still make sense. It may be in the auction because it shoots horribly - why - may be a real fault, or has never had the corect ammo.

    4) Go for original condition - if it is old, but gleaming it is either a real sleeper, or it has been tarted up.

    5) Rifles tend to be very good buys - most rifles probably only fire a box or two of cartridges a year. Indeed would suggest that many of the rifles that are in the auctions - particularly the more ornate rifles, where purchased 30 years ago by someone in his late 40's or 50's - used a couple of times per year and then for the last 15 years have sat in a gun cabinet, and are now in the auction because he has sadly gone to the happy hunting ground and his heirs would rather the cash than his collection.

    6) Make up your own mind what you are prepared to pay and what it is worth to you. I don't trust myself so use a commision bid where in the calm before an auction you put in a bid of up to a price.

    Have fun

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    Take the guide price with a pinch of salt too. I have wasted a few days at auctions only to see the price of the lot I went for go too high above the estimate for me!

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    But I bought below in the June 2009 sale on a commission bid the rifle below for 800. I was the only one to put in a bid. Despite having been built in 1974 it was virtually brand new, with no marks at all on the breech face. I subsequently found out I was the only bidder, thus got it for the reserve price. I spoke to the maker - Joseph Hambruch and they quoted me Euro 15,000 plus VAT to build the same rifle today. Just to have new calw mounts fitted would be 600.

    Having kept watch on the prices at auction over the last few auctions, a lot of things seem to be going at the low end estimate.

    But some do go for silly money

    Sale A1028 Lot 1206

    25 5/8in. Bohler super blitz-steel nitro barrels with raised matt rib and wooden side-fillets, flip-up open sights and bead foresight, the breech end mounted with a Zeiss Diatal-Z 6x42 telescopic sight in quickly-detachable mounts, 2 3/4in. shot chamber, bored approx. 1/4 choke, lightweight alloy scroll-back quadruple-grip action with side-bolsters, removable striker discs, manual safety, set front trigger, bold scroll engraving on a matt ground, bright and blued finish overall, 14 1/2in. figured pistolgrip stock with sling swivels, weight 7lb. 7oz.

    Estimate 800-1,200

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    A very fine gun it is indeed having seen it in the flesh and bruised some also to boot shooting it ..

    Holt's have some very nice guns and Nick Holt and his team are extremely good people. we had a stand next to them at the London Arms Fair got to know some of them very well.

    There is also a good auction at the Northampton Auction Centre they are liquidators and when a shop goes bust they sell the stock, you can get some real bargains

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    if thats the case then perhaps you could get Fran some knitting needles or scissors for your nest.

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