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Thread: Swerved for a fox

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    Swerved for a fox

    On my way to work last night a fox ran out in front of me and I swerved to miss it. My granddad always said" swerve for a dog kill a child" and its a general principal within reason that I do adopt. This was just an instinctive reaction. however they do say for each reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. So as the road runs right along side one of my permissions I think its time to give the three squeak caller I made while fishing a few weeks ago a try and see if I can redress the balance of nature with some lead.

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    Could have saved yourself a bit of money by swerving they can make a big mess of the front of your car and an even bigger mess if they go under your car. Know of someone who had their petrol tank punctured by hitting a fox.

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    I swerved to avoid hitting a rat once Just an automatic reaction to seeing something run out in front of the car.

    I hope your caller works!

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    I personally try to avoid hitting wildlife (with the car ) as long as in the split second I deem it to be safe. mind, my reactions and instincts are on par with a Jedi.

    I once ran a badger over, and it totalled my Mercedes stationwagon..smashed the ventilation system, radiator, cracked the sump, cracked the bumper, set off airbags, and smashed the steering rack so the front left wheel came off. insurance didn't cover it, they simply didn't believe it was a badger and thought I'd hit a tree or simillar!

    so yes, I swerve for wildlife!

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    Returned to darkest Shropshire in the early hours of the morning after the first Countryside March.

    Got into the 3-day old Volvo V40.

    Driving home when a fox ran out. Couldn't avoid hitting the thing.

    1200 damage to the car.

    Oh the irony of marching to save hunting then...........!
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    A friend of mine has a wide hole that goes all the way through her front bumper, caused by hitting wildlife. Not a Fox, or a badger, but a humble pheasant! Looks like it smashed right through the bumper and came oit on the other side, leaving a cartoon style pheasant-shaped hole

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    I once had to swerve when a badger ran across the road in front of me, I went across a small grass verge and up a banking but I got it. Didn't notice any new damage on the old Landrover after the incident but wasn't going that fast anyway.

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    my missus hit a badger with a brand new espace, it cost 4500 to replace the front of the car!!!!, what surprised me enven more the badger got up and bimbled it's way across the feild next to the road!!

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    I have a pal who was losing livestock to a fox on a regular basis and could never come to terms with it with the gun, anyway, driving down the road to their farm one night, charlie is stood in the middle of the road, he floored his 6 month old Aston martin, and smacks the fox, I think that cost him about 4000 if memory serves, but he was chuffed to bits about the fox, so hay ho.

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    When I had my old volvo 240 (estate) it counted for a lot of wildlife and the only thing that caused any damage was a deer (roe) which ran out in front of me at night (and about 50mph). One dead deer and only a headlamp and indicator to replace - 20 at the local scrappy.

    Roe Doe ran out in front of me on a 60mph limit road which is (technically) in town last year when I was in the discovery - two cable ties to repair the corner cap on the bumper and that was it, very dead deer, doubt she even knew she'd been hit.

    Old cars = tougher than new ones.

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