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Thread: 2 X Lamping lights

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    2 X Lamping lights

    2 X Lamping lights Sold..sold...sold

    Hello all I am selling 2 lamping lights .

    The first is a Deban Tracer Max It comes with charger and battery also red filter i have changed the main lead to the light for a coil type the wiring is a tad agricultural but in full working order . With the red filter you can spot foxes out to 350m+ on white light a lot further.

    The second light is a Clulite LA4 1million candel power light , this comes with a very nifty red sliding filter the light also has two settings one for main full power the 2nd a walking /low power light the main light with filter again on red good for foxes 350m+ and lots further on white light.
    I have extended the coil lead for extra length and its a cigarett type.

    50 posted to your door for both lamps and 1 batteryAttachment 34936

    Attachment 34937
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    First dibs please.How do you want paying?

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    Sold pending to the man above

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    You should have the diamonds my good man LOL

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    Both lamps and battery arrived safe and sound today.
    Big thank you to Griffshrek for a proper SD bargain

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