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Thread: Wanted Stalking lease in Scotland and/or stalking work.

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    Wanted Stalking lease in Scotland and/or stalking work.

    Here's a posting that was posted on classifieds by Kiwikeeper, if you want to see the whole posting have a look, as not to open this topic up on classifieds, ive posted it on here to see what everyone has to say about a new member, on here who has found or told about this site by whatever means, has or is been put through the gauntlet ,because he has asked or is looking for work lease or employment as a Deer Stalker BUT he has only posted 4 times .

    Just what if any protocol should the site and we have before we tell or ask for any information .

    I have helped people from this and other site appertaining to deer stalking pursuits without looking to see who or how many times they have posted or how much experence they have ,in my eyes this is irrelevant this site is here because like minded people have set it up for all to use, look at in what ever way that admin choose or see fit ,not for people to get on there soap box .

    Is this how we should all conduct ourselves to new members ,don't think so .

    On the very same instance had Kiwikeeper came on here saying he required someone to help him out with a hind cull ,would we have looked at this in a different light ,I bet .

    He'd have that many PMs his Pc would have melted .

    I wonder why most people joined this site or just how many have gained information from the site who may have never posted, but have just sat back and read the posting before joining ,if at all , I was one of those people that looked at the site for 18 months plus before joining it , they'll be many in the same boat , why put them off by posting up things like were written ,if you've got the information help people out thats why were all here , is it not .

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    This is obviously in reply to my comments made to Kiwikeeper on only his 2nd post in the classifieds section.

    There IS actually a protocol when becoming a member of this site, and that is that you are asked to introduce yourself and give a little information about what experience you have, what you shoot, etc,etc .

    Now, widows son you ask “If these sites are not for things like your Questions just what are they for” ?
    I would suggest that these sites are for more than a place where people can just come along and ask for this and that within 2 posts. These sites are for gathering information, and giving input with your experiences as well as finding new friends.

    You say;
    The key board stalkers to sit at home and bump there gums theres plenty like that on here at least Kiwi has taken the time to get the British qualifications to carry out his pursuit of Deer stalking ,more than I can say about many of the others ,that do plenty of shouting about the qualifications but don't have them .

    This sounds like a dig at me, if so, I have both Level 1 and 2 DMQs, meat hygiene cert, Quad bike cert, I spent 1 year travelling to Scotland to do an HNC in Gamekeeping and wildlife management, winning Gamekeeping student of the year, I have worked for the Forestry Commission doing contract culling with all the paperwork to prove. I have helped people get into stalking and witnessed peoples stalks and signed their Level 2 portfolios off, and offered to witness SD members stalks, As well as building some high seats for some members off this site. I have just spent 1 week in Sutherland helping to take stalkers out for Sikamalc and only once got the chance to go out stalking myself , I am not complaining, I loved every minute of it, helping out where I can. So don`t dare call me a Keyboard stalker.

    You also say;
    At least what i read about your experence you've certainly put something into the sport to gain the knowledge you have .

    This might well be the case, so surely this is the kind of person that we need to be getting involved in the site to share his experiences with the newbies and not so newbies on site instead of coming straight on and asking for something.

    I stand by what I said.


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    Hi widows son

    I joined this site and have never looked back

    What is the point in looking at the site for 18 months before posting???

    We all get out of life what we contribute..

    I personally have met and made many new stalking friends travelling all over the UK because i have taken part and contributed to this site..

    This site brings together people from all walks of life into a community where we share experiences good and bad and knowledge to further our own understanding..

    There are many through their own reasons that choose not to partake in posting contributions to the site but surely they should not be suprised when those that post regularly are darting about all over the UK as guests of fellow members...



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    Well said Terry, and you're welcome round my way anytime mate.

    Widows Son - as Wadas has said, there IS a protocol on the site that new members introduce themselves. This seems to help create a 'community' where people help each other out, rather than a place where people go simply to advertise a service or ask for something wanted.

    I see that Kiwihunter has now put a post in the introductions section and I hope that he sticks around, shares the experience he has with other members of the board and finds it a rewarding plac eto visit. If it wasnt for this topic dragging it up again, then the whole thing would propbably have been forgotten about and soon be sinking down the page.

    I have to admit, I had a little chuckle to myself at the irony in your post... "this site is here because like minded people have set it up for all to use, look at in what ever way that admin choose or see fit ,not for people to get on there soap box . "


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    widows son
    I think you both make very valid points in your posts and fair
    play to both of you on your opinions
    going back to the original post by kiwikeeper i thought he was a
    bit hard done by but came back with as good as he got.
    job done move on
    ATB pete .

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    The fellow joined the forum in an effort too secure employment/sport. Probably the primary motivator for the vast majority.... just that Kiwis, Australians, South Africans all are a little too forward and up front for the more "reserved" mannerisms of Brits.
    Good luck too him I'd say he's getting his advert aired and if anyone has deer work too be done I'd wager him as a good bet to get a cull done.

    One mans set of "prolific posting chums" can appear somewhat cliquey to the majority of views. The main attribute of the internet is its all inclusive; otherwise just have little exclusive chatroom blog via facebook.

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