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Thread: eletronic deer feeder complete package

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    eletronic deer feeder complete package

    I am selling my BA Products Deer & game feeder this is a complete package it contains everything except the beans/ corn . I have tested this in the barn and it throws beans and corn some distance.

    the timer unit Is a doddle to program instructions on its rear , you can program it to feed up to 6 times a day and run for 1--20 seconds per feed what ever you want .

    this unit is compact enough to hoist up a tree or carry to set up , what is inc is

    5 gal feed hopper with locking water tight lid and hanging handle
    6v rechargeable battery
    timer unit
    metal weather proof housing that holds the battery and timer unit

    I have spray painted this a cammo pattern to break up its visibility . To post I will have to take off the feeded unit and put inside the bucket so assembly will need 4 x bolts tightened.

    75 posted to your door , any questions please ask.

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    you'd better check your answerphone, said I'd have it Friday night, I'll give you a call


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