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Thread: Where do I begin?

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    Where do I begin?

    Hi All,

    Clearly there seems to be a very specific curriculum in terms of training and I can spend some time later looking at the numerous posts on the subject. For now though I think my "beginning" may be elsewhere?

    In short I would like to find out if stalking, and ultimately shooting, deer is something I would enjoy. I currently hunt smaller prey (with SG and .17HMR) but I am sure the hunt and the kill are not in the same league. In addition a friend and colleague has also expressed an interest and we are thinking of looking into this together.

    If we consider us both as complete novices where would you recommend we start? Should we look for "stalking days" to offer a "flavour" of what to expect? If so, can anyone suggest someone who you would trust and recommend?

    Thanks in advance (and sorry if this has been done before, I am at work and restricted by how much time I can surf at the mo),

    Cheers, Mick

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    Mick - welcome.

    I would absolutely recommend going out with a professional stalker to get a real flavour of the thrill of the hunt. As to recommendations, please can you be a bit more specific on location?

    I think everyone who has taken the DSCL1 as a qualification will comment that they have enjoyed not only the experience and the learning, but more importantly the friends they made during the course.
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    For what it's worth your thinking along the right lines already. Definitely go out on some paid stalks (ie more than one), use an estate rifle or get someone willing to take you out and show you how to do things properly until your sure stalkings for you otherwise it could become expensive.

    I personally wouldn't suggest doing the DSC1 until your sure your its for you (if you only end up doing a couple of outings a year with a guide thereafter I wouldn't bother either unless you want to as you wouldn't be responsible for putting venison into the food chain - others will no doubt disagree, including some Licensing Departments, but that's my opinion).

    Explain to whoever is taking you out that your a complete novice and they will keep you right before you even go. Take some binoculars, camera, a sense of humour and I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience. Just don't expect because your paying for an outing you are guaranteed a shot .

    There are plenty of good guys offering stalking on here who have plenty of happy customers, you may want to put a rough area/county of residence and how far your willing to travel as this will help people point you in the right direction.

    Good luck


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    as Eric and Mick have said paid outings with a good guide ,plenty on here that will get you onto deer but more importantly show you the signs and what to look for these guys know the ground so you stand a better chance which will also set you on your way to wanting to learn more and become hooked ,we need a location for guides in your area unless you don't mind travelling, good luck wayne
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    Chose well who you go out with though. There are some really dodgy people out there only interested in your money. Stating that you are novice and you need help in understanding how the game is played is exactly what I did and guess what. I was taken for a ride, lost a lot of money and shot no deer. Hopefully you will be wiser and less naive than me. Let me know where you are looking to stalk and I will make some recommendations on the people I feel I can trust and those that took my money and offered me nothing but a bitter taste and filled me with doubts on humanity...

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    Give IanF on here a call.
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