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Thread: 30-06 or 308 for all round deer caliber

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    30-06 or 308 for all round deer caliber

    Hi I was wandering what people's thoughts are 30-06 and 308. I would be primarily be shooting muntjack and Chinese but also the occasional fallow and red. I would also like to take it to France for boar and deer. So are these calibre to OTT for the small uk deer. I was wandering if I would need 2 different rifles or could have one all round rifle (so I could put my money together on 1 special rifle thanks). I am also looking at getting a 22-250 or 233 for varmint I could use that for the small deer. Thanks

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    use the .223 or 22-250, or even .222 for varmint, CWD and munty. get either a .308 or 30-06 for roe, fallow, reds, sika, and boar. either are great, and the specific rifle has a lot more to say than the case length tbh. if you're not too used to recoil, get the .308 + there's a lot more in the 2nd hand market than 30-06 to chose from

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    I've used 308 on everything for years , it's fine.
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    If you just want to go after deer in the Uk, i would stick to a 308. You can throw a 150gr bullet at similar velocity out of a 308 as a 30-06 and the 308 uses less powder. A decent quality 150gr bullet has dealt with anything i have encountered in the uk.

    However, I shoot a 30-06 and I would advise you to do the same if you have any intention of hunting abroad. A 30-06 will handle the heavier bullets much better and gives you a much wider range of options to tailor your loads to your quarry.

    A 30-06 and a .223 are a good combination to handle most things you are likely to encounter.

    Just my opinion, but i hope it helps.


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    308 is plenty enough rifle

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    Don't think you can use either in France, however, .308 gets my vote as an all rounder for UK species.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jager SA View Post
    Don't think you can use either in France, however, .308 gets my vote as an all rounder for UK species.
    As of September this year, .30-06, .308 Win and 8x57IS are all fine to use for hunting in France, so no problems there.

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    Ok so what i have gathered is the 308 is best for uk deer but if I want to go abroad which I will be doing every Christmas to shoot boar I should go for a 30/06. Is that right also what do you think between 22-250 vs the 223 thanks for all the advise

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    to be fair, you may be better stepping up your varmint round to a .243 which you can also use on roe and fallow, then have the aught six for the reds, sika, and boar.

    unless you insist on a 22 cal of course

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    Get a .223 they are cheaper to run and the are readily available second hand.

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