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Thread: young lad looking for work.

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    young lad looking for work.

    hi everyone, so bassicly i have been keepering for the past few years and i recently went down to new zealand to spend a season as a hunting guide. since returning im finding it hard to get back into keepering, and leads or advice would be greatly appreciated, i have my own mobile home and i am willing to travel anywhere in the uk.

    many thanks


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    Any advice/contacts for someone looking to move to New Zealand who wants to get involved with hunting out there?

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    what i did was i googled hunting in New Zealand, and emailed every single company i found. best of luck

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    thanks, best of luck to you also.

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    steer clear of wilderness trophy hunting on the west coast tho!! they are still due me over $2000nz from months ago!

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    ok thanks, will do.

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