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Thread: Importing into Canada

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    Importing into Canada

    Hello all!
    I have been trying to decipher the UK/EU rules and regs for the importing (exporting obviously from your outlook) into Canada. It is truly heartbreaking to watch some of these auctions, and even the classifieds from this site, and see all these wonderfully made British SxS guns that seem untouchable!
    There must be some way to purchase them and have them legally shipped to Canada. I dont have endless funds, but find myself secure enough that I would like to start gathering a small collection of "fine" guns. These guns are next to impossible to find here, and anyone who does have them in their possession would never part with them.
    Would someone at the auction houses be the best source of info to make this happen, or am I trying to make this more difficult than it really is? I do have my Canadian aquisition license, so receiving them on my end is no problem, but how do I make it legal on the UK end?

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    Hi Browning 525,
    I have to admit that I do not know the in's and outs but when some of my family moved to Manitoba getting their shot guns over was impossible. there may have been complications due to their immigration status (right to reside rather than citizenship) but the upshot was they gave their guns away!. So may be there is a countrywide issue or just a province issue?

    would have thought there was a way round it but it may take some finding. best of luck
    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    There was a young fellow here who came from England, and he was eventually able to bring all his firearms over here. He does have his citizenship papers here now, and I dont recall if he was able to get them brought over before that or not!
    The long and short of it though, was that he was bringing personal possesions over, versus aquiring new firearms and having them shipped over.

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    post your question here might get more help

    British Militaria Forums Forums


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    All the auction houses have shippers that they deal with, so if you see something you like why not contact the auctioneer and ask them? I doubt it will be cheap, but for a London double rifle or vintage shotgun the cost would probably be worthwhile.

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    thanks for the tips guys! Interesting link on the militaria forum.
    And, Yes!, any good quality vintage guns of good name-brand are highly sought after here. I would dearly love to get my hands on a few.

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    Try He is a very helpful chap who may be able to help..

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    Try these people

    Hi Browning 525

    I've just started looking at doing this the other way round and spoke to wolverine supplies on Monday and they mentioned about someone importing stuff from the Holts auctions.


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    As you will presumably not be here, you will need to have the auction house or your nominated agent, who will need to be a registered firearms dealer, handle the "export" on this side.
    They will need to have an export license or apply for one.

    It's mostly explained here..............Firearms and export control forms - Detailed guidance - GOV.UK

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