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Thread: Ear plugs - worth a look

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    Ear plugs - worth a look

    When shooting at the range, or even zeroing on the target, I tend to wear disposable ear plugs along with my Peltor ear defenders. However it can be tricky to get ear plugs to suit and all our ears are different sizes so there is no "one size fits all."

    If you are looking for decent ear plugs that will fit you and be comfortable for a day at the range then it is well worth taking a look at the "assortment packs" the good folks at the Ear Plug Superstore provide. This is basically a selection containing a pair of all the various ear plugs available so you can try them all and decide what you like best. If you've never been able to get on with disposable ear plugs before this might be a revelation for you - I discovered the "No Touch" plugs that have a little plastic stick up the middle so there is no messing about with rolling them to get them to fit and so on and I now use these for most of my shooting and love them. I've no connection with these folks other than as a customer, oh and they are in the USA but I've always found postage charges reasonable, their plugs good value compared to what I'd pay here and shipping doesn't take too long either.

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    nice, might try some of those

    I bought some "noise-X" pink foam ones from our local chemist which are by far the best I have ever used

    I used them without ear muff style ones and the noise attenuation is very good
    100 shotgun shells and 50 300WM shots are no problem!

    2 pairs for 1.50!

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    best thing I found was the foam cylinders that you can roll between your finger and thumb il long and thin then stick in your ear til they hit bottom (??) and swell.....

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    I have not long bought a set of these, they seem comfortable enough for all day wear.
    So far only fired a few shots and they seem ok, certainly as good as the sound chamber ones I used to use.
    Saturday they will get a proper work out on a days worth of clays with mates.


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