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Thread: Lab scratching ears

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    Lab scratching ears

    My Lab scratches her ears a lot and gets a red wax like substance in them which smells. I've treated it with anti mite ear drops and been to the vets but it always comes back, any suggestions.

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    Yep my lab has a similar affliction, the ear mite drops are no use.

    Last time I took her to the vet there was a locum vet in that explained that some labs (he picks up with 3) are prone to a Yeast like infection in their ears. He gave me Canaural drops for her and it was gone in 3 days. Funnily enough (since I have moved) she just started again last week and went to our new vet told of my experience and he just prescribed the drops and 3 days later all is well.

    Worth exploring with your dog.

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    Yeast infection for sure. What's the dog fed on? I'd bet it's dry food. Get it some decent canine pro-biotics and you might find you don't need the drops again. (I don't know where to get the good ones in this country - I had to import some). Worked for me, or rather my spaniel.

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    Please Chaps.
    This is almost certainly yeast infection and do not stop the treatment just because infection appears to clear after 3-4 days. You must complete the course of treatment.
    It can be food related or can be bad drainage after a swim.
    My lab has a squirt in both ears twice weekly to soften the wax and help to keep the canals clean and fresh.
    This squirt is contact lens cleaner with added Dexafort from the vet.At least i BELIEVE so..Don't take as gospel.


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    Go to the vets and buy cleaning fluid labs are prone to waxy ears I clean mine dogs ears every other day i

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