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Thread: Albas first season on tracking... Part one

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    Albas first season on tracking... Part one

    Hello everybody!
    As mentioned on another thread, I would like to tell you some stories about Albas latest performances on real tracking after her solved Vorprüfung this fall...

    It took us 2.5 years to get her trained and educated in the (hopefully) right direction, 2 years with ups and downs, with screaming, shouting, almost crying and wishing my former dog Anton back.

    We managed the Vorprüfung and afterwards I am listed as a new team member with a young dog for our local bloodhound group. We are now 4 teams with 6 dogs, doing about 40-60 trackings each team a year. So now we communicate and discuss the tracks we got called for and if there are "easy" ones, its up to Alba and me. This is for giving her the so needed success rates and get us established again in the local hunting groups.

    As I tried to explain before, its a free service for the local hunters, they just pay a special and fixed rate for the diesel/fuel. Any gifts or whatever are special and on top, but no must have...
    Of course, the bigger the horns or tusks are at the end of a successful tracking, the bigger the Thank You will turn out.... Its a shame, but its the truth...
    For us the work is important, the ending a suffering animal, no matter if the biggest stag or a small fawn or piglet....

    OK, back to Alba...

    We went to 2 days driven hunt in Eastern Germany, an hunting area with fallow (a lot), boar and roe in it.
    After the first day and drive I was called for tracking a lower front leg shot on a fallow hind, a pretty difficult track, because of the fallows known as pretty tough and this hind still going with the herd...
    We managed about 1 km, had to interrupt then, because in this area I am not officially registered as a bloodhound station, so I am not allowed to cross boundaries without given permission. Thats different to home and makes the dogs work even more complicated...
    After getting the permission from the nearby state forest, Alba, her mother Ella and Matthias and me (the two holders) kept on working the track, with less and less confirmation (blood drops, etc.).
    It finally went dark and we had to stop, without any results...
    We called the responsible forester to organize the tracking for the next day, but got informed, that they dont believe in any success on the next day, because of the wolves in this area, taking care for any injured animal.... Thats a different point of view....

    OK, second day, second drive....
    I got asked to track a fallow calf with a lower gutt shot, which got pushed up out of the wound coach by the beaters again during the drive and disappeared somewhere.
    Again not too easy, they are known as tough and running a while after being pushed up again...

    We started 4 hours after the shot being taken, just a little signs on the impact area, some hair, some flesh and a few drops of blood.
    Alba slowly followed the tack, pointing some drops here and there, before we reached the cold and empty wound coach about 200 m away from the start. (I get the exact distances through my used Garmin Astro, no replaced by the new Tracker 500 Black Magnum.) We continued, crossed a small forest road and after another 250 m she turned pretty wild on the leash. At this moment a fallow hind jumped up, about 20 meters in front of us. I could easily see the gutts hanging out, so no doubt, its the wounded one, not a calf, but a fallow hind.
    I released Alba from the leash and off she went, loud barking on the track...
    A quick look on the Gsrmin and we run and try to catch up.
    We hear the dog barking with a very deep voice, on one point, so sure enough, Alba caught it and is now barking at the standing animal.
    Then its calm, a short scream from the deer and calm again. We reach up on them, the hind tries a ladt escape, but Alba grabbed it on the neck and puts it down. When I get close to dispatch it with the knife, Alba moves away about one meter, which would have allowed a safe shot also...
    We were really exhausted but happy about the result.
    I was more than proud about her work on the leash and especially her chasing down and dispatching the poor hind!
    The chase was another 550 meters, too bad, no judges from my dogs club were there, that would have been the Hauptprüfung for Alba.

    The shooter who wounded the hind was coming all the track with me, did drag it out to the road and finished the gralloching. He was really impressed about Albas performance and thanked me many times...

    ... To be continued....
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    exellent read and look forward to hearing more, atb wayne
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    An enjoyable read, great result ...

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    Excellent job I never worry about judges just the dogs capabilities and it sounds to be coming on great guns.

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    Well done Michael and Alba on the VP, well on the way to the HP as well! Nice write up, where's part 2!

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    Whenever you congratulate on other posts regarding hunting or traking,you end it with a "wiedmanshiel"
    Well I think the shoe is on the other foot,so a very wiedmansheil to both of you too.
    Thank you for a very imformative post, yet again vesting my growing interest in tracking dogs and how you guys on the continent do things.

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    Waidmannsdank to all of you, its a pleasure to share our experiences with you, great if some of you can gather some information out of it....!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    What a great read and well done !!
    Humans are pre wired with fight or flight response
    Great Grandad fought, Grandad fought.
    For the sake of my Grandchild I wish for Less Flight responses entering Europe

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    Nice one mate I'm real chuffed she has come good in the end after all the stress, you see she was only practicing on the office chair to take that hind down .

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    This is something outside the usual reading I would get, I really enjoyed reading of Albas and your owns work, sounds like a lot of hard work but very rewarding, looking forward to reading part 2.

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