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Thread: Land rover station wagon

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    Land rover station wagon

    Evening all ,has anyone on here got a 110 double cab station wagon that they use for stalking ? The reason I ask is there room in the back for a dog cage and carcase tray ? If so what sort of dog box do you use etc thanks in advance for any advice tom
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    Evening a

    It's alright mate, you can speak……
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    It's alright mate, you can speak……
    Or maybe not


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    Get a dog cage on wheels so you can load your stuff on & push it when the 110 breaks down .... ...

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    Yes I have a 110 tdci double cab, you are far better buying a Nissan Nirvan or equivalent as they have more space, the 110 just doesn't have the space.
    By the way you dont get a station wagon double cab, it's either a 110 station wagon or a 110 double cab...
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    Maybe better to look at removing seats from the rear cab and accommodating the dog in there? There are loads of different seat configurations I've seen,and companies that will build a custom cage/box to the size and shape that fits.

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    I had the 110 CSW 300 TDI on an "L" reg. had it for about 5 years and had its fair share of Land rover problems but it was easy to work on for the DIY mechanic.
    Re the rear load there is plenty of room for a dog box & carcass tray, best if the rear seats are removed or folded up, but without the barrier between cab area and rear you get all the smells etc of wet dogs / deer carcass / game etc.
    The biggest problem I found by far was the small, narrow size of the rear door which was a real inconvenience limiting what could be loaded

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