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Thread: Ear Defenders: Which Ones?

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    Ear Defenders: Which Ones?

    I was hoping that Santa might see fit to give me a set of electronic ear defenders if I'm a good boy this year.

    The trouble being there's quite a choice out there and not too much in the way of tests or reviews to point me in the right direction when I write him a letter. Just looking for what's good really. Don't mind spending a bit, but want value for money. Any recommendations?

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    Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic are extremely hard to beat for the money
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    Sordin are the best in my opinion with the peltor comtac a close second , the sound quality is just superb in the Sordin as is there backup !
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    #1 Sordin
    #2 Peltor SportTac

    The HL Impacts look good, but I like Eric the Red thought them "extremely hard to beat for the money" and so picked up a set to keep as backup. They're OK in a pinch, but don't come close to the Sordins (or Peltors).

    So, if you're treating yourself, I'd spend the extra and get some properly good kit - it'll work better, last longer, and be better value from day one.
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    +1 on the Peltor SportTac
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    Quote Originally Posted by I. Farticus View Post
    +1 on the Peltor SportTac

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackb View Post
    Sordin are the best in my opinion with the peltor comtac a close second , the sound quality is just superb in the Sordin as is there backup !
    MSA ​Sordin get my vote too.

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    I have just been through this choice myself.

    Sordin are most expensive but I'm not sure there is a lot to chose between them and the Peltor Tactical Sport which are both excellent. However I think there is a clear difference between the Peltors and the Howard Leight. I was lucky enough to try both but this you tube video was really useful (If you have a machine with good sound reproduction)

    I ended up buying from here anyway with 7 day delivery door to door. Saved 50% on the UK price.

    I'm very happy with my Peltors. So much more comfortable to wear all day than the good value Silverline cheapies I have worn for the last year.
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    I have the Deben electronic ear defenders which I find are really good. Only thing is that sometimes they get interference from my phone but its a good excuse to switch my phone off when I'm on a shoot.

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    I've gone onto peltor sport tac this year best I've had got em off ebay miles cheaper than gun shops as well

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