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    Hi All, can anyone provide a couple of pet loads for a buddy of mine who has just moved to 6.5x55 cal, he wants to try Hornady 140gn sst & similar, any info will be treated in a safe manner re starting loads

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    Is this a M-96 Swede or a commercial? IMR 4350 is my favorite. Just use starting loads and work up. I have been thinking of Reloader 17 but only for modern rifles.~Muir

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    New commercial, I think he's after someone's previous loads based on Vit powders, I'll have to ask him.

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    129gn SST, 45.5gns Reloader 22
    140gn Hornady interlock, 42.8gns Vit N160
    140gn Nosler Partition 46.4 gns Re 22
    120gn Nosler BT 38.2gns Varget

    All with Norma brass and Federal Primers,
    the above work well in my rifle (the interlock load is for a mates T3 lite)
    the Nosler BT is the most accurate by far but quite mild. I shoot the SST load at the moment but to be honest every load i've tested would be fine for stalking and give no more than 1.25" groups.
    As usuall the above loads were safe for my rifles but allways refer to a manual and start well below maximum.


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    Cheers Ezzy, I'll send these, & the above on to him. Steve.

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