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Thread: Primmer pocket swagger

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    Primmer pocket swagger

    Has anyone got one of these

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    Are you looking for a swager in order to remove a military crimp or are you looking for a primer pocket uniforming tool?
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    To remove military crimp

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    Although I have done this with a chamfer tool, and also a Lyman case prep center, nothing does the job as well as this.

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    Forgot to mention, you'll like it even more with this two minute modification :-)

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    RCBS do a 'die' for this - called a primer pocket swager combo, part number 09495.

    It fits the standard press and works a treat - I have one on the loading bench next to me right now - sorry, no it's not for sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rburro2 View Post
    Has anyone got one of these
    Primmer pocket swagger .... is this a new fashion, or just a way of walking?

    You have to be talking .223 cases where you need to salvage several hundred to justify the effort or expense of a primer pocket reamer.

    None of the methods suggested so far are quick or convenient if you have that many to do. After a while simple hand-tools make your fingers ache. Press-mounted dies are laborious. Specialised lever-operated jobs clamped to the bench are expensive and slow.

    IMO the easiest method is to get an accessory kit for a rotary case trimmer. The fastest models are those with a 'snap-in' case chuck.
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