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Thread: This proper 4 x 4 perfect for deer stalkers.................!

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    This proper 4 x 4 perfect for deer stalkers.................!

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    Link won't open..............

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    Quote Originally Posted by re'M'ington View Post
    Link won't open..............

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    Amazing! What a great video... and a great car!

    I love the bit where everyone on the bridge stops to watch them roll it back onto its wheels.

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    A combination of a locked dif snow chains and very narrow wheels.

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    Would they be quite big wheels as well sikadog?

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    Now look how thin the tyres are dose that say something
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    Remember how the 2cv Citroen had big thin wheels. I don't know if they were front or rear wheel drive however. I'm told they were great in the snow.

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    You should not have shown that, its Brithunters idea of a modern 4x4 he won't be happy till he gets one:-)

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