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Thread: Lee Zero Error target Loader .222 rem (excellent condition)

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    Lee Zero Error target Loader .222 rem (excellent condition)

    An extremely clean version of the best Lee Loader ever made

    This kit contains absolutely everything you could need to prepare cases and reload for the .222 Rem cartridge (short of a stout wooden/nylon mallet)

    Includes: Decapping pin, primer pocket cleaner, case trimmer, chamfer tool, lock stud, seating anvil, removal pin, hand primer, neck sizing rezising die with built in micrometer seating calibration and bullet seater, inside neck reamer.
    Powder scoop.
    Full and complete instruction and summary load data

    Using your own fired brass this kit will produce fireformed, neck sized brass with a consistent neck thickness and none of the issues of outside neck turning (donuts).
    Consistent neck thickness is the best way to produce consistent neck tension which in turn produces consistent and accurate ammunition.
    Powder measuring can be done with the scoop or you can purchase further scoops or scales

    These are very rare in the UK.
    I have a set for every cartridge I own and use them myself and swear by them.

    You can consider this the first step into reloading or the last you will ever need!

    65 posted RMSD
    55 collected

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    Pm sent
    we may b human but were still animals

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    Sold but I now have another one in spotless condition
    and one in 22-250

    ads to come

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