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Thread: SealSkinz Gloves

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    SealSkinz Gloves


    Do any of you use these gloves? If so what do you think of them? We will be stocking them soon and wouldn't mind a bit of advice on what the best types are, hunting, shooting etc.


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    Hi A1, i bought a pair las year and for beating they were great, waterproof and warm. However, come Keepers days and shooting, I found them Slippery and very quickly had a bruised finger from the recoil from the trigger guard of my shotgun.

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    Ah, that's a bit odd. What type did you have? Good to hear they where waterproof and warm.

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    Tried them for a hind season when I worked up north and found them pretty useless tbh that was the marino wool ones my hands were always cold in them, the fancy ones with the lining were a bit warmer but once your hands got wet or whatever then you put them back on then took them off again when gralloching the lining just kept coming out and was impossible to get back into the fingers. I would rate them pretty low on the other hand the Le Chameau shooting gloves the big thick bu**ers (like me) were great.

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    I have the shooting ones with the fold back trigger fingers. Best gloves i have owned.

    The draw back for shooting is the magnetic clip while great for holding the finger back, if you keep your hands in your pockets with cartridges in when you pull your hands out you drag carts out too.

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    I also have sealskinz with the fold back finger and would say they are they best shooting gloves I've had. A number of mates always use them and would agree. I quite like the magnet to hold back the finger.

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    Well,i bought them last year and tried them for the first time a few weeks later.
    At the time both my socks were so den from walking through a deep burn,so I swapped,and put the gloves on my feet for the way back to the car,and that didn't work.
    I did try them after just to confirm my suspicions,and they were useless,sadly.

    Their socks however have been fantastic,making my leaky boots fully waterproof.

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    Mixed reviews then! maybe we should give the socks ago aswell.

    Thanks for your input guys

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    I have the shooting gloves with the fold-back fingers (for the avoidance of doubt, these ones: and I think they are excellent. Warm, waterproof and appear to be actually breathable, which was a suprise.

    However, as others have said, the magnet to hold back the finger is slightly annoying. In addition to picking up cartridges when using a shotgun, it also attaches itself to the trigger guard when putting one's finger in position for a shot with the forefinger 'on'. Were I buying again, I would probably go for the non-magnetised "hunting gloves", which are the same but without the fold-back finger function. The sensitivity through the thin leather palms is so good there is really no need to fold back the finger.

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    I have the Sealskinz Hunting (leather without finger split) and found them to be both waterproof and warm while still giving you a decent feel when pulling the trigger. As one of the earlier contributors said once you take them off and your hands get wet they were difficult to put on as the lining "sticks" to your fingers.

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