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Thread: Plains Game Hunting Report - BUSHWACK SAFARIS - RSA

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    Plains Game Hunting Report - BUSHWACK SAFARIS - RSA

    Seeing as Angie and Wesley Timmerman are not SD members i have taken it upon myself and with their permission to post their hunt report here and how they experience their hunting safari in RSA.

    Angie's Report:

    Hunt Dates:
    25-29 June, 2013
    Travel Agent: Steve Turner/Travel With Guns (esp Nanette)
    Country: South Africa
    Outfitter: Bushwack Safaris
    PH: Patrick Reynecke
    Area: Limpopo
    Gun: .375 H&H custom by Mark Bansner
    Ammo: 300 grain Federal softs & solids

    So this was going to be my redemption tour. He wisely decided to start with a plains game hunt in South Africa to warm me up for a repeat run at buffalo.

    The bound packet we received ahead of time from Steve Turner was detailed and laid out everything we needed to know about our trip. We flew into Jo’berg and were met by Henry with Rifle Permits who expedited the process of importing our firearms. Also waiting on us were Patrick and Lisel Reynecke who greeted us warmly and got us loaded up for the drive to the hunt area. After taking us to dinner followed by a brief stop at their home in Rustenberg to drop off Lisel, Patrick drove us on to the Madikwena Game Farm in Skuindrif, Groot Marico.

    Our accommodations there were lovely. Although we were in a self-catering chalet, Patrick had arranged for our meals to be prepared and we were quite spoiled when the owner himself, Robert Reader, prepared all our meals. He turned out amazing gourmet delights between the kitchen and braai, all served on our patio overlooking the firepit.

    Hunting Day One found us on a neighboring game farm to hunt the kudu on my list. The morning resulted in me on the sticks twice but with no good bull kudu in the sights. We had a lovely late brunch at the Madikwena Croc Inn, and then returned to Willem’s farm where we fairly quickly came upon two decent bulls. I took aim and was delighted to drop him with a decently placed hit. Even better was discovering he had non-typical horns which I find really appealing. We tried for warthog as the day ended, but ran out of time.

    Hunting Day Two we stayed at the Madikwena Game Farm. We rode a lot and walked a lot including the use of a tracker to seek a blue wildebeest in its usual hangout, but had no luck. Following another nice brunch at the Croc Inn, Patrick quickly made a new plan and moved us to a different game farm. We were looking for anything on our list, but especially impala and blesbok. We spotted two good blesbok eventually and I was able to connect with one… it was an ugly shot, but it did the job. We kept after impala but either saw only slow females or extremely skittish males who just wouldn’t stand still long enough, darn ‘em.

    Hunt Day Three, we returned to Callie’s farm from the previous afternoon. I still had impala, wart hog, and blue wildebeest on my list. Same old story on the impala. No luck on the wart hog. And I was beginning to think the blue wildebeest was a figment of everyone’s imagination. As we were running out of time, we resorted to using a blind at the dam to maximize my chances. Impala came… no bulls. The grandfather of all warthogs came… and went the wrong way. The blue wildebeest was so close we could hear it/them repeatedly make that chuffing sound. Light was fading. We snuck out to stalk the wildebeest, but I simply couldn’t make that dark face out in the thick bush fast enough before, poof, he was gone. And time was up.

    So I only ended up with two of the five animals on my contract. But five had probably been ambitious for a three-day RSA hunt to begin with. Patrick graciously offered us time to leave those three on “credit” with him for a hunt next year. And we would definitely hunt with him again.

    We had already booked with him and he was more than willing to address those issues with us in the communications we had with him. Patrick proved himself to be a well-mannered host and capable PH who hunted hard and maximized every bit of the available hunt time. He is licensed and has experience hunting/guiding in Tanzania and Botswana as well. We stand behind our choice of Patrick for our RSA hunt and enthusiastically recommend him to others.

    We returned to Jo’berg and Tambo to fly out for the second leg of the trip to Zimbabwe.
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    Patrick Reynecke (Bushwack Safaris)
    Mobile:+27 82 773 4099

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    Past satisfied clients, hunting again in June with me!!
    Patrick Reynecke (Bushwack Safaris)
    Mobile:+27 82 773 4099

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    Not the biggest of Kudu (46" on the longest horn), but that is what the client wanted...will be doing a European Skull Mount that will be hanged next to her TV. Similar to these below...

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    Patrick Reynecke (Bushwack Safaris)
    Mobile:+27 82 773 4099

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    Their is something magical about hunting kudu gets in under your skin

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