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Thread: Herefordshire & West Mercia meet-up No.2?

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    Herefordshire & West Mercia meet-up No.2?

    After discussion with 243Varmint, we think it's time for another meet-up of the Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire members of the Stalking Directory. The last meeting was a little light in attendance due to rain, man-flu and the fact there was a full moon (ahem..pigs were deemed more important than pubs...ahem).

    Date: 5th March 2010

    Venue: The New Inn, Pembridge, Herefordshire

    Time: 7pm


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    I'm in!

    Option B sounds excellent to me (any excuse to get out with the rifle). How about the 27th or 28th as the 28th is a Bank Holiday?

    Maybe we could have a BBQ lunch then beers after the range?


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    Dancing girls will game shooting, wow, what a thought.

    Any way back to the options, I am flexible to what we do, so will go with the majority.

    PM me your number and we can chew the fat.

    Catch you soon


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    Thanks for the kind reply Adam..

    I cant be in two places at once fellas as im meeting Malc in Poole on the 27th..

    If its a diferent day im in


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    I'm in - man flu permitting

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    Me to if dates are good

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    Hey Adam if option C turns up might well pop over out of purely academic interest for research purposes
    It's a shame the dancing girls would get in the way of the shooting somewhat but sure we can soldier on in the face of such adversity

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    Are we all still up for this? If so when is it ikely to happen, i would prefer the 27th but then Terry said he couldn't make it that day. i can do the 28th although i'd have to leave quite early as the mrs and some mates are coming up to go game shooting the following day...and i must do some hosting that evening.

    Either way it'll be good to meet a few other members....looking forward to it.

    Happy christmas by the way, hope to see you all before the new year so that can wait


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    Did this ever happen in the end? If so, when's the next one?

    Been off line for a bit for various reasons but keen to get involved again.

    I'm in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

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    It didn't - Christmas was full of family commitments (as well as visits to and from Hospital for me).

    I'll put up a new post today with a definite date / venue. It's likely to be over this way because there's a little pocket of stalkers over here.

    What's the stalking like over at Bridgnorth? - the ground between Ludlow and Burwarton always looks promising but I've never seen a deer in the 20 od years I've been driving that road...



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