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Thread: Albas first season for tracking... Part two

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    Albas first season for tracking... Part two

    ​Us again....

    Also we are having much less boar this season all over Germany (the regularly born piglets mainly did during the cold and very wet spring), right now the damages on meadows in my county are reaching incredible sizes...

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    There are still more than enough boar around and because of all the acorns in the forests, they are heading out for digging mice and worms (animal protein). The smaller and bigger replantations after the storm of 2007 offer now incredible dense shelter all over the country, which allows the boar to move, wander and invade into areas where they have been just occassionally till now.
    Thats a fact some hunters have to realize to work on their hunting skills and even on their thoughts about managing these animals.

    Last weekend it was a bright full moon, with some frost on the ground, so a lot of hunters went out for using the moonlight to try for some boar (no artifical lights or nightvision allowed in Germany)...
    During friday night I got 14 (!!) calls for tracking on saturday (we never track at night...), but had to shift over all the tracks to the other bloodhound handlers, because I had a logging along a road to get done on saturday, so equipment, workers and even the police were ordered for getting the job finished... Too bad, but even I have to work .... Sometimes.... As my wife would say...

    For sunday I had invited a younger stalker to join me on a morning stalk to get some roe or occasionally boar, but after getting home saturday afternoon, it was obvious, that there would be some work for the dog on sunday morning...
    I got called for a shot on a bigger boar (50kg+), with lots of bone fragments on the shot site, the shot was taken on a driven hunt, early afternoon on saturday.
    I promised my family to start after a relaxing sunday morning breakfast, to spend at least these few hours with them (its always the same on full moon weekends, plus weekends in the driven hunt season...). My wife wasnt too happy already...

    I organized a meeting with the hunters for 10:00 and had a few glasses of wine and a nice dinner with my wife... Till 22:30 everything was ok and set up for next day...

    Then a lad from my neighbourhood called me (thanks for waking us all up...) and asked for tracking a boar, even 50kg+, shot on a meadow, with lung particles on the shot site, but it ran off into some very thick and nasty replantation, he was afraid to follow it alone and at night...

    I couldnt deny, then and there the family breakfast was gone.... My wife is still pretty upset, so its good to be off for hunting and tracking tomorrow again...

    I got to this tracking at about 8:00, definetively lung shot, so on the leash and in the cover...
    A horrible almost 450 meters later we reached the dead boar, lung to lung shot, one rip broken, at least 55 kg heavy in very thick winter coating...
    OK, back to the car, another 35 minutes drive and meeting some of the shooters from the driven hunt from saturday.
    They showed me the hit zone and I found these and more bone fragments (see attachements),
    just a little bit of skin, no teeth, and a very few drops of blood....
    The boar, shot while running straight uphill, 7x65 R, broadside, on about 65 meters, went on the rear legs, like a Lippizaner horse they told me... They thought about a shot on the jarbone, which I after tracking it denied...

    First there were no teeth on the shot zone, then the boar stayed on a game trail and ran straight uphill, crossing a paved forest road and followed a boar trail through another replantated clearfell.
    Boar with a shot in the mouth area are disorientated after the shot, they ran against trees or whatever and cant follow any trail for the first moments. They try to avoid any brunches or cover to hit with the head (it must be very painfull...) and like to go over very open fields, roads or meadows...

    I got Alba and myself ready, Alba inspected the shot zone and followed slowly the first 50 meters, pointing all kinds of blood, bone fragments and the track itself.
    We crossed the road and got into the clearfell, straight uphill, sweet.... Sweat....
    After a few hundreds meters more, still some confirmation to secure the dogs work, we reached a larger patch covered with rotten brunches, treetops, nasty and very sleepery to cross.
    We bumped into 3 roe, Alba turned wild (maybe remembering the successful chase from the weekend before?) and we had to sit down and calm down for a while.
    It took us 3 more roe and about 5 attempts to get over this brunchy patch, right at the end of it Alba pointed another drop of blood on a brunch, so she was right the first time and I was wrong holding her back...

    We continued through two more tree stands, reached the edge of a huge meadow and crossed it, already 2.4 km gone so far. Then a step little creek to cross, two more forests and another little clearfell later, just a very tiny drop of blood to secure the track. Through another oak stand, the track easily to follow in the leaves, into a vast Christmas tree plantation, 4.6 km, already in the third hunting area...
    Straight uphill again, through a fresh thinned spruce stand, along another fenceline, through another clearfell, following a skidding trail, from that point on,, 5.6 km no more blood, just the track. By now, one friend of mine, with his BMH, one year older, joined us to give support, we were getting exhausted...
    Now we crossed another meadow with cattle on it, through a little mudhole, along a boar feeding area, and through another forest up on a forest road...
    The boar then followed this gravel road for 2.2 km, without even trying to leave the road, a behaviour I have never seen before!
    Finally it made a sharp right turn, into another clearfell, but still followed a skidding trail through it. Here my friends dog pointed a drop of blood.
    We continued, got to another road and decided, after talking to the stalkers and the already involved neighbour hunters (5 hunting areas crossed), that there is no chance to get closer to the boar, we didnt get any contact, there was no wound coach after 8.6 km, there was less and less confirmation, so, also having these big bone fragments, its definetively not hit into the vitals.
    We agreed about my thoughts on a shot on the lower sternum (chest bone), without opening the lung area.... Hard to understand, that the boar didnt try to hide in the passed through cover and stayed on open tracks and trails...

    An incredible performance of the dogs, 5.5 hours on a track, a shame we couldnt get the injured boar, but thats also part of the job....

    ​I will post some pics when back on the other computer....
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    Excellent read and excellent dog work, you can't find them all.. Sounds like its going to be expensive for you next weekend with lots of flowers and a meal in a nice restaurant! Good work both of you

    ​regards, Jez
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Looking forward to seeing pictures, another good write up but I too fear it may cost you dear in wine and food for the missus

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    Hard time with the pics, had to clear my quota, sorry....

    You are damn right, i will take care for my missus on Sunday... right after the driven hunt tomorrow and the (drinking) ceremony tomorrow night with the lads....
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Another good read mate.

    Keep eps them coming. Looking forward to hearing about tomorrow hunt.


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    I really enjoyed both your threads thank you

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