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Thread: West Mercia meet up No.2

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    West Mercia meet up No.2

    Just in case people don't scroll down that far or know how to work the recent posts function:

    Any SD members in the West Mercia area of Herefordshire, Shropshire or Worcestershire (or even Powys ) - there's a 2nd meet-up being planned near Christmas.

    Details in the social events section down below...


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    Now then big fella and cojoined little fella

    Being the greedy sort

    Whats the chances of coming up for the meet and incorporating some stalking at the same time fella

    You now i dont like to miss a party..


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    You are more than welcome - we'll be able to marvel at your fashionable southern clothing and laugh at your soft southern ways, like imagining there's something odd about sleeping with your sister

    The Fallow are a bit few and far between on my ground - that Mr Davies has lured them all over his way with carrots and posh high seats - but if you can find it, you can shoot it!

    Trevor has demanded to be made an honorary Herefordian so that he can come too (he gets upset if I shoot without him ).


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    Well done fella...

    Guessed you missed the bit bout all my family coming from Barnsley..

    If its on the 27th i wont be able to make it as malc is having a site meet up in Poole



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    Just to keep it near the top so people don't forget


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