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Thread: Howa 1500 bolt

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    Howa 1500 bolt

    Hi all,

    Looking for some advice on how to make the bolt on the .243 less noisy and clunky. Out in the field the other day and it makes quite a racket. Obviously practicing smooth loading and unloading is part of the plan, but wondered if anybody knows of a way to make the action run that bit smoother?

    Thanking you in advance.


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    Howa is normally quite easy to get smooth.
    Take the action out of the stock, remove scope and trigger. Then use peek paste smeared all over the bolt and raceway and run back and forth, keep adding peek. After say a half an hour of back and forth remove bolt and clean with hot soap water followed by a clean with wd40. Dry and use Teflon grease on bolt and raceways generously. Run bolt in/out and close bolt for about another 20min then wipe bolt with a clean cloth. We don't have dry weather and run heavily greased bolts which are very quiet to operate. In dusty conditions it would be better to run a dry wiped bolt of course.

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    Thanks Edi, I'll be giving that a bash.

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    The most effective way to keep it quiet in the field is to chamber a cartridge at the start of your outing.

    Kind regards,


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    Yes Brown Sauce. At the beginning. not when your gillie puts you on to the deer.

    My fault for not watching from start.

    Shhhhh! noisy sod.

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    My gillie did an outstanding job, to be fair, but he did moan about my making way too much noise reloading

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    my howa 1500 bolt is quite smooth I put gun grease on and wiped straight off

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