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Thread: Light moderator for .22 rimfire.

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    Light moderator for .22 rimfire.

    I want a light weight moderator for my Anschutz bunny basher......any suggestions??

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    Get a SAK about 40ish light and works well

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    Quote Originally Posted by multiman View Post
    Get a SAK about 40ish light and works well

    not the best by far but for the price and being one if not the lightest it has to be the sak (of spuds, mentioned above)

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    I've got an Atec on my 1417 with an extra chamber, really light and really quiet. About twice the price of a SAK though.

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    +1 for SAK if on a .22 with subsonics. Have one on my Mauser 201, it is super quiet with CCI subsonic segmenting HP's. If you have a CF moderator that fits the thread that may be an improvement on SAK, otherwise for the money it's great, and i was sceptic.
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    Hogan decimator. Lightweight, strip able and quiet!

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    Get a sak i have Anschutz bunny basher 1417 its a sound piece kit excuse the pun

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    Sak, click thwack.

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    Hi..SAK is 218g....compared to the Ruag at 58g......anyone got experience of the Ruag??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueduncan View Post
    Hi..SAK is 218g....compared to the Ruag at 58g......anyone got experience of the Ruag??
    Care to back that up with links ?
    I have a Sac sat on the scales in front of me right now, 167 grams, this is a very lightley used Sac but must still have some powder residue in it.


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